Spring 2020 - Week 3 (2/8/2020)


Saturday @ 7:15 am - Road Runner Sports -Solana Beach

  • Meet: Road Runner Sports - Solana Beach:  211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 https://goo.gl/s6YLFm (see details below)
  • Clinic: 8:45 / 9AM am   Running Shoes & Shoe-Fit by www.RoadRunnerSports.com
  • Coffee Hour - Social: T’s Cafe, 271 N. Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 After our run, we will head over to T’s Cafe for Coffee Hour which is located 350 ft. from Road Runner Sports Solana Beach.

Hi Team,

We are heading up to Road Runner Sports Solana Beach's tomorrow for an awesome out and back run along the coast. This will be a fun run as the location is on point, we will do a shoe clinic for our new runners and there will be a few vendors on site for us as well. The best part is we will be raffling off 1 pair of FREE SHOES! Be mindful of parking at meters in the area. I would recommend parking in the neighborhood behind the store. This might requires you to walk an extra block or two but it's the best option. 

See y'all in the morning.  

Watch the Weather & Recovery Aide

Just a quick reminder...especially for the newer runners... brings warm clothes with you to the Tuesday and Saturday runs as we head into the cooler part of the season!  You can leave them behind when you go out.  Also, bring some RECOVERY DRINK and AIDE for after the group runs.  The first 30 minutes post-run are most important for re-hydration, and you should plan to eat your first 'healthy' meal within 2 hours.  (We’ll be talking more about aide, nutrition and recovery as we progress).

This Week’s Training

We are off and running in Week 3, so plan your runs based on the training schedule, the link is at the top of the post.  The training program calls for 4-5 days per week, so don't feel obliged to get a "great workout" on every single run.  It is the long haul that counts!  

As we reviewed in more detail last Saturday at the clinic, for newer runners or those coming off a long break,  the first 6-8 weeks are THE MOST IMPORTANT for your training.  This is the time period when you make gains physically, mentally and physiologically!

Week 3 is approaching the funky time when your body starts to really wonder what is going on?  Start to listen more closely to those aches and pains to ensure they’re not injuries.  With that, do remember that you will get aches and pains so don’t worry - the key is to recognize when they get a bit more serious.  Be sure to read the e-article on Shin Splints, the link is above under Articles.

  • Run/Walkers – Week 3 is our first of many Interval changes, going up to a 3/2 or 4/6 interval (for the 12 week/Carlsbad half marathon runners only. The 20 week/San Diego half marathoners will stay at 4/1 or 4/6).  As I discussed quickly on Saturday, keep in mind that most noobie interval runners walk too slow and Run too fast during their intervals.  So speed up the walking, and slow down the running.
  • Intermediate Runners – Nothing new this week.  Keep all of your runs solid, but Easy in nature.  You are building that Base/Foundation and have plenty of time to do it.  If you have to take a walk break every once in awhile, that’s fine!
  • PR Chasers – We will do our first INTERVAL run on Tuesday with a 2mi WU + 3x1mi @10k RP w/ 1:00RJ.  What’s that?  We will explain better at the run.   

 Once again, after our group chat, we will be breaking off to our Individual Groups - just listen for the announcements.  Each Coach will review in general the overall approach.  We will do the same on Saturday.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations. 

  • Saturday @ 7:15 am - Road Runner Sports – Solana Beach
  • Meet: Road Runner Sports - Solana Beach:  211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 https://goo.gl/s6YLFm (see details below)

Run Location: This Saturday's run will be at Road Runner Sports Solana Beach location. 

 *Shoe Discount at Road Runner Sports, 20% on Saturday!

We’re holding our Shoe Clinic at Road Runner Sports this weekend.  We’ll be raffling off some goodies and a FREE pair of shoes too.  This means that we will learn about shoes, and then get to shop in their store for an extra 10% off the usual 10% off, meaning we get 20% off (on Saturday only)   

NOTE: Please note that when I send Map Links, the runs MAY contain mileage further than your prescribed run.  Please refer to your training schedule for the correct mileage. This is so I can use one map for many different mileages.

As Always

We'll usually arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, whatever.  We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 5:45 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:15 AM.

 Please let us know if you have questions.

 Talk to you all soon,

Coach Aaron


Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :) 

Road Runner Sports (Solana Beach Store)

211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, San Diego, CA  92111

Plenty of parking, in the neighborhood behind the store or you could park at the train station and walk over. Keep an eye on street signs as some of the parking directly in front of the store is regulated. DO NOT park in any stalls marked accordingly with signage, markings or cones.  Keep in mind the store is open from 9am – 8pm daily but they are letting us in early for the bathrooms. https://goo.gl/s6YLF