There's a new kind of running club in San Diego.

Other clubs do the same thing year after year. We run our own path. 

Social Activities

List of Social Activites

All levels welcome.

We focus our efforts on building a long-standing community of runners. Regardless if you're running your first race, chasing a personal record or knocking out your 100th race, we'll help you meet your goal.

Half or full marathons are hard work.

Don't make training harder than it needs to be. Running with a group of friends makes those long runs fun.

Run your own path.

You pick the race you want to run. We'll give you the tools you need and help you train to cross the finish line like a boss.

And then there's happy hour.

Runners go through a lot together. Come kick back and have a beer with us. We coordinate a new social event every week. Meeting new people is just as important as our long runs.