I will miss many runs. Can I get a discount?

Many of our runners miss runs for work, vacation or otherwise. Some are not able to make any of the Tuesday night runs, for instance. The club includes much more than two group runs a week. Also, there is no way we can track who attends what runs and base pricing on that. Therefore, there are no reduced entry prices/registrations for such circumstances.

If I sign up online today, will I have access to the running club schedule?

No, the schedule and training materials will be sent out the week before the start of the new season. When you register, you will receive an email confirmation.

How can I go about registering for a season?

You can visit www.BlackFlagRunningClub.com/shop to register online. 

Can I register for a season after it has started?

Yes. Keep in mind that we will often have a lot of runners who have been training for several months. Based on your previous training, it may not be prudent to miss the first part of the season. Accommodations can be made dependent on individual experience.

I am interested in registering for the upcoming season, but will be out of town this Saturday. Can I still join?
We allow registration throughout the season. Based on your previous training, it may not be prudent to miss the first part of the season. Accommodations can be made dependent on individual experience.
Can I check you guys out before registering?

You are welcome to come out for one of our designated "test drive" runs! See Dates & Prices for more information. You may also contact Coach@BlackFlagRunningClub.com iyou would like to join us for a run or two before registering.

We will also be hosting a variety of preseason FREE runs in October. Watch our social media accounts for more details.


    Does the fee include entry into race(s)?

    No. The fees are for the training seasons only. Occasionally, we’ll receive discounts or similar benefits to the races.

    What type of surfaces do you run on?

    All of our runs are in safe areas that can accommodate groups.  We run on streets (asphalt) about 30%, sidewalks/boardwalks (concrete) about 50% and an occasional trail run about 20%.

    Do you run in North County?

    If you’re in the club, we encourage you to participate in ALL of the runs regardless of location.  We will have some runs in North County, especially in the Winter Season since many are training for the Carlsbad Marathon.  We do runs on the actual courses of popular races throughout the season.

    Where do you run?

    The majority of our runs are held in central/coastal San Diego; Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Downtown, Point Loma.  We do venture north to Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas and Carlsbad. We currently do not have any runs scheduled in South Bay or East County.

    Can I bring a stroller on a run?

    We always have a few runners with children and babies who run with strollers. We have no restrictions against strollers. Do keep in mind, however, that there will be large groups of runners nearby; it may not be possible to run alongside other members of the group with a stroller. Also, not every training run course has dedicated pathways. For instance, the Carlsbad Coast Run goes right along the Coast Highway, sometimes sharing the bike path. It can get a bit hairy.

    Can I bring a dog on a run?

    For the safety of other runners, we ask that you not bring pets on runs.

    Would part of the training have a nutrition component?

    Yes, we have a nutrition component of the training. Come to our free orientation for a breakdown and schedule of specialized informational clinics that are included with registration.

    What if my fitness level is not equivalent to others in the group?

    Most likely there will be other runners in your fitness level. The experience of runners in the group spans first time, run/walker beginners through to seasoned marathoners. 

    Is it OK to miss some sessions and do the training workouts on my own?

    We all miss sessions occasionally. If you’re going to miss a large portion of training, we will help you develop a plan to accommodate. We do not offer any discounts, refunds or prorations for missing runs.

    Do I really have to do a 20-mile run four days a week?
    The general format of the program is to do three mid-week runs of 5-7 miles each followed by one long run every Saturday. The long runs progress each week, starting at 5-6 miles and working up to  20-22 miles at the peak. We then spend a few weeks tapering as we near the race.
    I haven't been seriously running in quite some time. Do you think running a half or full marathon is an attainable goal? 

    Yes. The program is designed to take any walker or runner and attain the full 26.1 miles after 20 weeks.

    Will you tell us how far to run on our "off" days?

    Yes. Every single run of the week and of the season will be laid out for you in the training schedule.  This includes your personal training days when the group does not meet.

    Can I see the run schedule?

    The schedule is made available to runners who have registered for the current season. It is not available for public distribution.

    What time do we meet for the group runs?
    • Tuesday’s at 6:15pm
    • Saturday’s at 7:15am
    I won't be at the orientation. Can I pick up the materials later on?

    Yes, the training materials will be on hand for the first few weeks. They are also available on the Members App. 

    Is there an age limit to your club? 

    The minimum age is 20 years old at the start of the season. Please read and understand the Pre-Requisites before registering for the club. 

    Is it limited to "racing" marathons?

    No, we have many people join just because they love running and the camaraderie and friendships with other runners. But a majority of the members do have the goal to complete a half or full marathon.

    What is it?

    The Black Flag Running Club is an organized running club that trains for half and full marathons. We have designed the running programs to prepare you for a wide range of races both in San Diego and across the country.  We focus the program on the major races in San Diego but are fully customizable to help you "run your own path." We have three seasons per year: A Winter Season that starts in October; a Spring Season that starts in January and the Summer Season that starts in June.