Winter 2017 - Week 9 (12/23/2017)


SATURDAY @ 7:15 am - Carlsbad Southbound (from Magee Park) 

****LOCATION CHANGE - We are going back to Carlsbad ****

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 Happy Holidays to everyone!

I know some of you are already on your way to the airport to see family and the rest of you I am planning on seeing in Carlsbad this Saturday. We are up in mileage this week even in this weeks packed holiday adventures!  Remeber we are doing some the longest runs of the winter season and are the most important in having a successful race. Don't skip the long runs and if you can't make the Saturday run try to shift the milage to another day in the same week. We are in the home stretch. 

We are in Carlsbad this Saturday

As you may recall 2 week ago we canceled our regularly scheduled run in Carlsbad due to the fired. It is important for us to spend time on the course itself so we will be heading up to north county on Saturday to do just that. Thank you again, everyone, for being so accommodating to these changes. 

Wear your shirt on Saturday runs

 We want to encourage our runners to wear the team shirt at all of our Saturday runs. It helps us identify who you are and cheer you on along the course. As we start creeping up in miles seeing another runner out of the course giving you a little encouragement can make all the difference. 

 More social media & future sponsorship  


We are always scouting out new opportunities to improve the club and bring new benefits to our members. As I am sure you can imagine our social media presence is particularly important to potential sponsors. If you are so inclined we would love to have you follow up on our social media channels, tags us and use some of our hashtags: #BlackFlagRunningClub and @BlackFlagRunningClub. Every post helps. Thank you in advance for your help in building the next big thing to hit San Diego's running community.  

Holiday Party Recap 

What can I say, what happens in the trailer park after dark stays in the trailer park. We had an awesome turnout and everyone's sweaters looked great. See some of the pictures here.  

Back Up, But Be Careful

This week is very tricky for most of us who are truly taking time away for the holidays.  This would have been the perfect recovery week, but we didn't set the Carlsbad Half Marathon date...  You are supposed to be ramping things up, but hard to do during the holidays.  (Plus, you could always use it as an escape to get away from the craziness for a little bit...) so it’s all relative.

We’re into week 9, Phase 3 of the Training and it’s going up pretty steep from here on out with 2.5 weeks of long, hard runs.  Be ready to push yourself good.  At the same time, if you missed (or going to miss) a lot of running due to the holidays, then ease into it.  The schedule is designed for optimum conditions (meaning you’ve kept up with all of the training and runs)   If you have to cut back on some intensity or mileage, do so – it’s not going to kill your chances to run a strong race.

This Week’s Training

This is Week 9 and is back up in overall training: intensity, mileage, frequency.  The next 2 weeks are the final build-up to the long run, with some great tempo and speed workouts in between.  These next 2 weeks can provide you with some very effective training.  We’ll end the last week and a half with a Taper (which is also important).  Make your Tempo runs count, keep those long runs nice and steady and long, and start to mentally think about your race.

Specific training notes are:

  • Run/Walk Group: Up AGAIN to a new set of intervals going to a 2/8 and a 2/13.  This is very decent Jump as you move to the next interval set (10min and 15min respectively) But guess what, YOU CAN DO IT MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK.  **IN addition, you’re mid-week runs are going up to 60 minutes each.
  • Intermediate Group: You’re also adding a mile to each of the mid-week runs.  In addition to gearing up for the longest long run of the season (but not THE longest of the program ;)  We’ll also introduce a bit of TEMPO INTERVALS to the Tuesday workouts.
  • PR Chasers Group: Bumping your mid-week mileage up by 1 mile each running day. Thursdays will become TEMPO runs as well.  Your long runs are really cranking up there in the 14-15 mile range.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.


This covers a good portion of the Carlsbad Half Marathon. Starting at Magee Park in Carlsbad, run down the coast and back. (The Carlsbad Half Marathon turns just past Breakwater. This map goes further to a 4.75mi turnaround from the Magee Park start)


    As Always

    We'll usually arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, whatever.  We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 5:45 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:15 AM.

    Please let us know if you have questions.

    Have a great week everyone!




    Detailed Meeting Locations

    This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)

    Magee Park (Carlsbad)

    258 Beech Ave, Carlsbad, CA  92008

    DO NOT PARK AT THE SMALL PARKING LOT FOR THE PARK, OFF GARFIELD (ALONG THE WEST SIDE OF PARK) OR BEECH (THE LOT ACROSS THE STREET).  PLEASE find public street parking on the nearby neighborhood streets on Garfield, Beech, Ocean St or Cypress.  Plan on an extra 5-10 minutes to park/walk. This is one of those "very nice runs" but the only way we can do it is to deal with some parking issues. There is a restroom and water fountain in the park. PLEASE BE KIND AND QUIET AND RESPECTFUL TO THE COMMUNITY!