Summer 2021 - Week 7 (Sat)


Saturday @ 7:15 am - Balboa Parks Fountain 


  • Arrive at the race: 6:00am 

  • Race Pic: 7:00AM Sharp

  • Races Starts: 7:30AM

  • Cheer Station: 8:45am (Click) 5th and Est

  • Finishers Party: 11AM (Click) Bootleggers 

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Hello Everyone, 

We finally where able to get in a proper hill workout and knowing how much you loved it, we have another week oh hills ready for you. We have said this before that the AFC is not flat so focusing on this type of training will pay off when it comes to race day.

Speaking of race day this weekend is the SD Half, below is all the race information you will need and if you are not racing this weekend we would love to have you come out to the cheer station and afterparty. These are some of our most fun events and would encourage you to come out. 

The rest of us will be taking on one of our most requested runs we do, often referred to as the bridges run. You may not know that here are a bunch of hidden bridges in San Diego and this run will take you across a bunch of them. Its always a run club favorite. 

See some of your tomorrow and everyone sometime this weekend.  


The San Diego Half Marathon is not one of the major races we trained for this season but we do have a large number of people in the club that will be doing it. If you are one of those individuals look of the information provided as this link is its a great summery of everything you need to know for this weekend. 

If you are not running please come out to the Cheer Station and After Party. These two events have a reputation and you will not want to miss it.  

  • Arrive at the race: 6:00am 

  • Race Pic: 7:00AM Sharp

  • Races Starts: 7:30AM

  • Cheer Station: 8:45am (Click) 5th and Est

  • Finishers Party: 11AM (Click) Bootleggers 

This Week’s Training

EVERYONE should be fully up to speed now.  BUT REMEMBER, when I say up to speed, I don’t mean ‘fast’ . . . even though we’re going to the track tomorrow. it means that you should be at a solid training level, rested up, recovered from your last race, and ready to take it to another level.  The only exception is for you crazies who ran the Mammoth Half yesterday (or any other race) or for the few newer runners who have just started.  If you are a newer runner, still have to keep things very easy in nature - give it a few more weeks and you’ll be at a better level.  

Week 7 we are back after it  . . . Everyone’s training schedule has a slight increase in the weekly mileage (in addition to the usual long run increase)

  • Interval Run/Walkers – Moving UP to a 4/1 or 1/9 Interval.  In addition, Times increase 10min.
  • Intermediate Runners – Bump up in mid-week run mileage, +1mi each run.  Also, you should plan to Cross-train on Wednesdays.  It used to be optional, now highly recommended :)
  • PR Chasers Runners - Nothing too new. Did you find that Hill to do repeats on for Today’s run?  Tomorrow, we’ll add another mile to your LT Intervals.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

Saturday @ 7:15 AM - Balboa Parks Fountain  

I hope everyone is excited because this Saturday's run will be a newer run that most of you have never done before and those that have done it have really enjoyed it. I am super excited about it because it includes 4 bridges and the option to visit a forgotten cemetery. I have a feeling it is going going to be a favorite but know in advance it's going to be challenging ......... in a good way. 

Meet:  Bea Evenson Fountain 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 

    • New Run:  10.6 mil option CLICK
    • New Rn:  13.5 option CLICK
    • New Run: 14.3 option CLICK

As Always...

We'll arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, etc.. We also plan to stay afterward for as long as it takes to do the same. This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 5:45 PM and Saturday runs at 6:45 AM.


See ya out there!


Coach Aaron


Detailed Meeting Locations

Balboa Park's Bea Evenson Fountain

1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

We will meet the main fountain in Balboa Park, there is plenty of parking behind the Reuben H Fleet Science Center or behind the San Diego Museum of Natural History