Summer 2021 - Week 11 (Tue)

NEED TO KNOW: Week 11 (Race Week)

Tuesday @ 6:15p - Balboa Park Loop Run (AFC Pickup)

Friday @ 6:15p –  Pasta Dinner at Torpasta Dinner

Sunday @ 4:00a – Race Day

  • 4:00a - Arrive in Balboa Park (zoo)   (anytime from 4:30-5:30a)
  • 5:15a -Get bussed up to the start, hang out, relax, warm-up, stretch
  • 5:45 -Group Picture @ Statue
  • 5:50a -Drop gear, use port-a-potties, get to start
  • 6:15a -Race Starts**
  • Post Race Party: Working Class 2895 University Ave San Diego CA 

Sunday @ 7:30a – CHEER Zone

Sunday @ 9:00a – AFC After Party

Race Prep: Click 

Schedule: Click   



Good Morning Runners!

This is it .. our LAST week of training for the summer season, program and for many an amazing bench mark before we begin looking forward to the Rock n Roll Half or Full Marathon in October. Everyone has been putting in a solid effort and I know you are going to have a great race! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the temperatures stay as low as possible. We brought some new training sessions and techniques to the season this year and it’s going to pay off.  Last week went perfectly as we were tapering off into this week.  Saturday’s “long run” of only 8-11 miles was a breeze for everyone.

I can’t say it enough, but CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who’s made it to their goals, if it's your first Half Marathon, or your ready to complete a triple triple. Everyone has put in an amazing effort and I can't wait to see how you do on Sunday!

Last, Last Chance for Shirts

We’ve had the shirts available for distribution most of the season, but Tuesday will be the very last opportunity to pick yours up. After that, they go back to storage for general distribution and sometimes, for sale to the general public and veterans such as yourself.  Don’t forget to pick yours up!  Tuesday will be the last time I will have the shirts on hand.

Registration for the Fall 2021 Season

If you are only signed up for the summer season and want to keep training with us, now is the time to sign up for next season or maybe you know some that is interested in running Rock N Roll Half in October.

Pre-Race Carb Dinner - Friday Night, 6:15pm.

We will be heading to Torpasta for our ritual carb dinner. We will plan on meeting at Torpasta (3545 Midway Suite E San Diego CA 92110)  at 6:15pm. I have posted a Facebook event as well. Please let me know how many people will be attempting, we need to let the restaurant know in advance. 

  • Facebook Event: (Click)

Race Day Prep & Review

We did our full race prep this past Saturday but if you have any question please feel free to ask on Tuesday.  We’re meeting near the drop off point for the AFC Half Marathon which is where you have to catch the buses to get shuttled to the start line.  We’ll go over some of the details of what to do on race morning. (best access/driving points and what it’s like on race morning) CLICK 

This Week’s Training

We are in Week 11 and into the Taper & Race Preparation for this last week. For everyone, this week is designed to mentally prepare for the race, physically build up energy stores, rest your bodies and allow some recovery, all while “maintaining” the training and conditioning that you’ve achieved to this point.  

  • Interval Run/Walkers – Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.
  • Intermediate Runners – Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.
  • PR Chasers - Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this post are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

Tuesday @ 6:15p - Balboa Park Loop Run (AFC Pickup)

Starting at the Northern Bus Pickup at Park Blvd & Zoo Place (the bigger, more popular one) run a simple loop around balboa park.

  • Meet: - “AFC Dropoff”, Balboa Park @ Park Blvd near Zoo Place,
  • Map: - Balboa Park Loop Run, from AFC Pickup.  4-5 miles ONLY (45min),
    • 4mi Option: Cut across park @ Fountain (Don’t go down to President’s Way)

Saturday Morning

NONE!!!  Yippie!! :) There is no group run or any formal gathering! Enjoy the morning off and rest!

Sunday Morning

As noted above, I will have a very detailed email later in the week with more info. A lot of it is here too:

  • 4:00a - Arrive in Balboa Park (zoo)   (anytime from 4:30-5:30a)
  • 5:15a -Get bussed up to the start, hang out, relax, warm-up, stretch
  • 5:45 -Group Picture @ Statue
  • 5:50a -Drop gear, use port-a-potties, get to start
  • 6:15a -Race Starts**
  • Post Race Party: Working Class 4095 30th Street San Diego CA 92101
  • Facebook Event: (Click)

Sunday @ 7:30a – CHEER Zone

We want to invite friends and family out to the Black Flag Cheer Zone on  6th Ave at Grape. Yayoi will be there to cheer everyone on.

Sunday @ 9:00a – AFC After Party

After the race we will be hosting an After Party at West Cost Tavern in North Park, we can't wait to hear all the stores from the race. 

See ya out there!

Coach Aaron

Detailed Meeting Locations:

This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :)

Half Marathon Bus Loading Zone, Balboa Park

2800 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Will meet in the grassy area just West of Park Blvd near the carousel.  Either park in the carousel parking lot off of Village Place or the small lot on the South side of Zoo Pl. if entering the zoo or the large zoo parking lot off of Zoo Pl.  Restrooms are not on site, but nearby within Balboa park.