Summer 2020 - Week 2 (6/13/20)


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Hi Team, 

We have another base building run coordinated for you this week up in Balboa Park. There are two options for you, either a loop around the park for those newer runners in base-building mode and for those more seasoned runners, you have an option of heading down to the waterfront. Either path you take remember that you should take these early weeks nice and slow as we are either recovering from or last race or we are building back up. There are only a few more weeks of this before we jump back into it.

Have a great run and be safe out there.

Possibly End to Virtual Run Club / Phase 1

Great news, there is a possibility that starting next Tuesday we might be able to meet as a group again. It's not official but this week we are seeing a lot of places opening back up including gyms and restaurants which was one of the things we were looking at as an indicator of when we can meet.  More news of this on Monday but wanted to let you know we are actively watching the news, and following the CDC  and County guidelines.  It also looks like based and some of the information coming out and the size of Black Flag Running Club we might be able to skip the 2nd phase and jump directly to phase 3. The City Parks Department is still currently closed which is the organization that issues us our permits. We are attempting to make contact with them and confirm our plan for meeting again and reviewing our safety standards. Fingers crossed we will have this resolved by Monday. 

Get Connected

Stay on top of what your fellow runners are up to and join the following social media links or download the apps as we will reference these often

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    Training Schedules & Calendar

    Under the schedule link above you will find the running schedule for the season. You will always want to keep an eye on the schedule, in the event we make updates you will always find the details there.  This is the schedule that tells you exactly what to do, or not to do, every day for the entire season. The Group Run schedule is also forthcoming. 

    Taking Sign-Ups

    Spread the word . . . we will be taking registrations and signups for the next two weeks.

    This Week’s Training

    We are off and running in Week 2, so plan your runs based on the training schedule.  This is the 2nd week of the first training Cycle.

    For NEWER Runners - As we reviewed on Saturday, the first 6-8 weeks are THE MOST IMPORTANT for your training as we are BUILDING A BASE. This is the period when you make gains physically, mentally and physiologically! For new runners, make it to week 8 and you're golden!!  Remember...GRADUAL!!!  CONSISTENT!!!  That means 1) don't overdo it.  2) Run your 4x per week.  For Everyone - it's OKAY to walk - at any time.  If you are a run/walker, then you MUST alternate walking.  

    Runkeeper CLICK

    Click on image to see how to setup runkeeper:

    For Beginner and Intermediate Runners CONTINUING from our Winter Program (or who have otherwise been training for the last few months)we’re still in “Reset” mode.  These runs are still generally easy in nature while we slowly build mileage.  Take these weeks to let your body (and mind if needed) recover some. Get a massage this or next week.  We have plenty of time ahead of us ;)

    Specific Training Notes for Week 2

    • 5K / 10K – You have a slight change in your program you will follow the same intervals of the run/walk program; A group is doing 3/2 and the B Group is doing a 2/8 interval. Your interval is starting with a moderate walk to a hard hard walk. Your hard walk should be at a pace that you would use if you are late for an appointment. It's not a run yet that's next week but this is walking with intention. 
    • Run/Walkers – as we announced last week, the first week or two is used to determine which Interval Group you should be in – the A group is doing 3/2 and the B Group is doing a 2/8 interval.  Keep your walks “Brisk” and your runs “Very Easy / Jog”.
    • Intermediate Runners – Base building!  Plan on easy, steady run for the scheduled distance.  Do not over do it! Remember, SLOW DOWN.  You are likely running too fast and if you’re new to long distance running, this will catch up with you in a few weeks.  Again, it is okay to take an occasional walk break here and there.  Maybe 1min worth at the turnaround?  Or 30sec on 10min intervals.   
    • PR Chasers  – For the first 2 weeks, we’ll be keeping our runs solid in nature, so nothing special yet.

    Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

    Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this post are detailed instructions for the meeting locations.


    We will meet in the grassy area just South of the Kate Sessions statue located on the corner of El Prado and Balboa Dr.. Please review map for full details. We will be running for the time listed in your training schedule, which will be 60 min for most. There will be an option to extend your loop at the fountain in front of the science center. 

    • Meet: Kate Session Statue - 2498 Balboa Dr San Diego CA 92101 Click
    • Map: Balboa Park Loop:  Click
    • Map: Balboa Park to the Bay: Click 

    As Always

    We will arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, etc..  We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same. This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 6:00 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:00 AM.

    As always, please let us know if you have questions.

    See ya out there!

    Coach Aaron (AKA: The Gypsy KINGPIN)


    Detailed Meeting Locations

    This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :)

    Balboa Park, Balboa Dr.

    2498 Balboa Dr San Diego CA 92101

    This is just South of Kate Sessions statue in the large grass area. There are restrooms and water fountains nearby.  Parking is street only, and keep in mind that Balboa Drive is a one-way street.