Summer 2020 - Week 11 (8/11/20)

NEED TO KNOW: Week 11 (Race Week)

Tuesday @ 6:15p - Balboa Park Loop Run (AFC Race Review) @ Balboa Parks Fountain 

Sunday @ 7:15 am - AFC Virtual Half Marathon @ Balboa Parks Fountain 

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 Good Morning Runners!

This is it .. our LAST week of training for the season, program and for many, the entire YEAR!!  We’ve had a great training season although one of the more interesting seasons to date. A lot of you have really committed to the training program and know you are going to have a great virtual race! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the temperatures stay as low as possible. We brought some new training sessions and techniques meaning a bunch of hill work to the season this year and it’s going to pay off.  Last week went perfectly as we were tapering off into this week.  Saturday’s “long run” of only 8-11 miles was a breeze for everyone.

I can’t say it enough, but CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who’s made it to their goals, if it's your first Virtual Half Marathon, or you're ready to complete the virtual triple crown. Everyone has put in an amazing effort despite some major challenges and I can't wait to see how you do on Sunday!

Next Season - What are we going to do? 

As you know everything is up in the air for the 2020-2021 race season which makes it difficult to plan and obviously train. While plans remain up in the air we will be moving to a FREE model where anyone that wants to come out is free come out. We will post on Social Media once a week where we will be meeting. Make sure you join the social media listed below to stay on top of whats going on. Once races are reset we will return to the more formal training approach hoping by October but we will see.

Black Flag Running Club – Facebook page (like and follow)

Black Flag Running Club – Facebook group (join and follow)

  Instagram  @blackflagrunningclub

Virtual AFC - Race Day Sunday 8/16/20 

As a club, we will be hosting a virtual race on Sunday 8/16/20 @ 7:15am. Below is the course we will be using for the race and make sure you are there on time ( 7:00am) so we can start the race at 7:15am on Sunday. Note we are not running on Saturday and this virtual race will be on Sunday morning. 

Race Link:

This Week’s Training

We are in Week 11 and into the Taper & Race Preparation for this last week. For everyone, this week is designed to mentally prepare for the race, physically build up energy stores, rest your bodies and allow some recovery, all while “maintaining” the training and conditioning that you’ve achieved to this point.  

  • Interval Run/Walkers – Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.
  • Intermediate Runners – Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.
  • PR Chasers - Cut BACK on Intensity, all runs EASY.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this post are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

Tuesday @ 6:15p - Balboa Park Loop Run (AFC Pickup)

Starting at the Northern Bus Pickup at Park Blvd & Zoo Place (the bigger, more popular one) run a simple loop around balboa park.

  • Meet: - Bea Evenson Fountain 1875 El Prado, San Diego
  • Map: - Balboa Park Loop Run, from AFC Pickup.  4-5 miles ONLY (45min),
    • 4mi Option: Cut across park @ Fountain (Don’t go down to President’s Way)

Saturday Morning

NONE!!!  Yippie!! :) There is no group run or any formal gathering! Enjoy the morning off and rest!

Sunday @ 7:15 am - AFC Virtual Half Marathon @ Balboa Parks Fountain 

    See ya out there!

    Coach Aaron

    Detailed Meeting Locations:

    This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :) 

    Balboa Park's Bea Evenson Fountain

    1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

    We will meet the main fountain in Balboa Park, there is plenty of parking behind the Reuben H Fleet Science Center or behind the San Diego Museum of Natural History