Summer 2020 - Week 10 (8/4/20)


Tuesday @ 6:15 pm - Crown Point for the “10k Fun Run”/ Who is going to the FREE shoes!!!!!

  • Run: Sail Bay Loop at Crown Point
  • Meet: Crown Point Shores (South) –
  • Map: SB to MB Drive & Back, 6.2mi -Click

Saturday @ 7:15 am - Road Runner Sports -Solana Beach / We might meet in the park near the store (Read Fridays Post)

  • Meet: Road Runner Sports - Solana Beach:  211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 
  • NOTE: we might meet in the park near the store/ Make sure to check out the post on Friday. 

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 Welcome to Week 10. We are officially into taper week with the last full week of training from the race.

Last week ended with the LONGEST run of the training program (and longest for many of you) that simulated the AFC Race Course. We lucked out on the temp for the weekend but hold on because it is not likely it will last. Everyone did awesome and enjoyed being able to run the course. Now that most of you have done upwards of 12-13-15 miles...the race next weekend will be a breeze and you’ll certainly know A St and 6th St hill very well. ;)

Next Season - What are we going to do? 

As you know everything is up in the air for the 2020-2021 race season which makes it difficult to plan and obviously train. While plans remain up in the air we will be moving to a FREE model where anyone that wants to come out is free come out. We will post on Social Media once a week where we will be meeting. Make sure you join the social media listed below to stay on top of whats going on. Once races are reset we will return to the more formal training approach hoping by October but we will see.

Black Flag Running Club – Facebook page (like and follow)

Black Flag Running Club – Facebook group (join and follow)

  Instagram  @blackflagrunningclub

Virtual AFC - Race Day Sunday 8/16/20 

As a club, we will be hosting a virtual race on Sunday 8/16/20 @ 7:15am. I am still working on the course and how it's going to work but wanted to let you know in advance that this is happening. This means no group run on Saturday but we will follow regular race setup on that Sunday. We will likely have the start and finish line taking off from somewhere downtown.

Timed 10K Information (CLICK)

This we have something new planned. As you may recall in the beginning of the season we did a timed 10K and now its time to see how much we have improved.  I will go over this again on Tuesday but please follow these steps to prep for tomorrows run:  

Step 1: Download and Sign up for Strave  (

Step 2: Join the Black Flag Running Club  / click on Explore > Clubs > (Search: Black Flag Running Club)

Step 3: Join the Timed 10K(Must be a member to join)

Assuming you’re healthy and injury-free, we’ll be running a 10k timed run, aka “Time Trial”.  As noted above, it fits in perfectly to our schedule.   We’ve been training enough to be able to run a solid 10k, but not too far into the program where cutting back to a 10k is detrimental.  The purpose of this is:

  • Gauge your current fitness/running level
  • Practice running at/near your Lactate Threshold pace (more to come soon)
  • Provide a baseline set numbers for future training
  • Offer you close to racing conditions 

At the end of the season we will host another 10K and whoever has the best percentage improvement over this season will win a free pair of show.

This Week’s Training - Week 10

Week 11 is the beginning of the Taper Phase. We will have one solid group run on Tuesday, then begin the taper process for the next 1.5 weeks.  We’ll discuss the taper tonight, and more on Saturday.

  • Interval Run/Walkers – Final bump to 1/9 and 1/14 Interval.  Mid-week runs stay same, Saturday long run down to 100min.
  • Intermediate Runners – No changes mid-week.  Saturday is down to E8.
  • PR Chasers - No changes mid-week.  Saturday is down to E11.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

Tuesday @ 6:15 pm- Crown Point for the “10k Fun Run”

Starting in the Southernmost parking lot of Crown Point Shores park, head South on the bike path down and around Crown Point (Underneath the Ingraham St. Bridge)  Continue all the way around Sail Bay.  Once at the end (3.1mi) at W. Mission Bay, you can turn there for a 6.2mi (10k) run, continue around the Loop and Ingraham St. bridges for 5.5mi (it’s actually shorter) and/or add on some additional mileages by going out to the ocean boardwalks.

  • Run: Sail Bay Loop at Crown Point
  • Meet: Crown Point Shores (South) –
  • Map: SB to MB Drive & Back, 6.2mi -CLICK

Saturday @ 7:15am - Road Runner Sports - Solana Beach


Meet: Road Runner Sports - Solana Beach:  211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075 (see details below)

Run Location: This Saturday's run will be at Road Runner Sports Solana Beach location. 

As Always

We will arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, etc.. We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same. This means I'll be at Tuesday runs at 6:00 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:00 AM.

Please let us know if you have questions.

See you all this week!

Aaron Adragna


Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :) 

Crown Point Shores Park (Southern Lot)

3550 Crown Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92109 -  (Address is not exact)

We'll meet at the Southern end of the most Southern parking lot in the grass area along the edge of the lot, closest to Ingram Street bridge.  Plenty of parking lot parking. There is a set of restrooms and water fountains in this end too.

Road Runner Sports (Solana Beach Store)

211 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, San Diego, CA  92111

Plenty of parking, in the neighborhood behind the store or you could park at the train station and walk over. Keep an eye on street signs as some of the parking directly in front of the store is regulated. DO NOT park in any stalls marked accordingly with signage, markings or cones.  Keep in mind the store is open from 9am – 8pm daily but they are letting us in early for the bathrooms.