Summer 2019 - Week 6 (7/9/2019)



Saturday @ 7:15am - To La Jolla Cove (from South Mission)

Starting at the end of Mission Beach (South Mission Jetty) run North along the coast all the way into La Jolla until your halfway point.  Turn around and run home :)







    Happy Monday . . . We are back at it with another solid week of building mileage but now its time to speed it up a little. This Tuesday will be the kickoff 3 weeks of track workouts to see if we can add a little speed into our training. If you are not feeling well or nursing an injury you should not be doing the track workouts but do the optional run in its place. If your training is going well and you have been following your training plan we are ready to see what you can do on the track. 

    Full Disclosure  - Track workouts


    In an effort to be a 100% transparent, I want everyone to be aware of the situation with the tracks we use. Over the last few years, the track in San Diego has become more and more difficult to get onto as campuses are needed to make their facilities more secure they are locking up tracks that were once open to the public and unfortunately charging for usage. Believe it or not, there is no track in the County of San Diego a person can go run on a track endless you are part of the institution that manages it. We requested usage of the track at UCSD and the cost was $9,000. We obviously want to keep the program affordable and could not cover a cost like that.  So we are going rogue. 

    We are not officiously authorized to be at the track on Tuesday and I bring this up in the event we are asked to leave. I have a feeling this will be a non-issue but you deserve to know in advance. If for some reason we are asked to leave I have an alternative run planned for us and an alternative track in place for next week. Let see how it goes but obviously want you to know what we are doing.   

    WE ARE RUNNING AT Mira Mesa High School (6:15pm)

    We are run on Tuesday at Mira Mesa High School. I know there will be some crying because it’s a little further out but let’s give it a shot and we will reassess. We are not authorized to be at this track but we have run here in the past and we are not anticipating any issues. See below for details.


    Parking at Mira Mesa High School

    Parking is always a little tricky the first time but this is what I can tell you. Give yourself a little extra time to get parked and find your way to the track. There is some construction happening on the parking lot so they recommended that we park in the dirt lot (see pic below). We will see what happens when we get there. 


    AFC Registration & Triple Crown List

    I did notice on the AFC website that a current list of Triple Crown runners is now posted.  If you’re doing the triple crown, you MUST be on this list which is Carlsbad + La Jolla.


    This Week’s Training

    We are UP and UP all around and Week 6 is the 2nd week of the 2nd Training Phase meaning it’s one more build-up of solid mid-week runs (and a great track workout) along with the longest run of the year on Saturday.  No new big bumps overall, except for Saturday long runs. 

    • Interval Run/Walkers – Nothing New, still at 4/1 and 1/9. Saturday up to 110min
    • Intermediate Runners – Nothing New.  Midweek still at 5-6mi, Saturday up to 11-12mi.
    • PR Chasers - Nothing New either. Lots of specialty runs in there. Saturday is up to 14 with an E11 + LT4.

    Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

    Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this post are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

    Tuesday @ 6:15pm – Mira Mesa School Track

    • Go to Track. Run in circles, usually fast ;)  Bring your aide, towel, gym bags, keys, etc. down with you to the track.  *See below for detailed instructions.


      • Meet:   Mira Mesa High School Track* - (10510 Reagan Rd, San Diego, CA 92126)   
      • Run:       V02max Track Intervals – YIPPEEEE!!!
        • INT: E1 + 5x800 + E1
        • ADV: E1 + 6x800 + E1

      Clinic & Social

      •  Clinic:   5:45p - NONE (Core Workouts at the Track)
      • Social:   7:30p – Fuddruckers (8285 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92126)


    Saturday @ 7:15 am - To La Jolla Cove (from South Mission)

    • Starting at the end of Mission Beach (South Mission Jetty) run North along the coast all the way into La Jolla until your halfway point.  Turnaround and run home :)


    See ya out there!


    Coach Aaron

    Detailed Meeting Locations

    This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :)

    Mira Mesa High School Track

    10510 Reagan Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

    This is our first time at this location but parking in the front lot and walk to the track or in the surrounding surface streets seems like the best bet.  

    Mission Beach

    999 N. Jetty Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

    Go to S. end of Mission Blvd, turn right (West) into parking lot.  We'll be along the grassy park area, in front of the volleyball courts on the East end of the parking lot, not quite to the bathrooms, but about 1/2 way down.