Summer 2018 - Week 9 (7/31/2018)


Tuesday @ 6:15pm - AFC Hill Sampler at Balboa Park (Kate Sessions Statue)

Saturday @ 7:15am - AFC Race Sampler








Good Monday Morning!  Hope everyone enjoyed the taper week because we are back up in mileage this week and only 3 weeks away from race weekend.

Time On Your Feet (TOYF)

And that’s been the point of building up to the mileages.  Remember one of my favorite of many acronyms,  TOYF?  Time On Your Feet.  It’s my way of saying that if you want to feel decent, keep injury free and complete a long distance race (half marathon or longer) then you have to simply run long.  And Run Long on a weekly/volume basis, not all in a single run ;)   Run Coach Jason is a local running coach and one of his newsletters stated: “the volume of aerobic running, not the speed, represents the major stimulus for adaptation.”  Dr. Ken Nicodermus, another local coach and exercise physiologist also states that generally speaking “the longer the race distance, the less important speed training is compared to volume training”  Balancing some of both like we have is where you can really benefit, however.

With that, it’s already time for our LONG Run this weekend!!

This Week’s Training - Week 9 (longest run of the season)

This final Phase of Training is considered the most important to some - since you certainly don't’ want to fall off the wagon and you continue to put on high-quality mileage while keeping away from injuries and burnout.  (Training during the summer is tough!!)  Week 9 also represents the LONG run of the training program where everyone will be out on their feet for ~2-2.5 hrs.

  • Interval Run/Walkers – No changes mid-week. Saturday is up to 140 min.
  • Intermediate Runners – No changes mid-week.  Saturday is up to 13mi for the LONGEST run of the season.
  • PR Chasers - No changes mid-week.  Saturday is up to 15mi for the LONGEST run of the season.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

Tuesday @ 6:15p - AFC Hill Sampler at Balboa Park

AFC Hill Sampler. Starting from Balboa Park (Laurel & Balboa) head down 6th, down A St, India and Broadway to get onto the Harbor Drive. Continue around Harbor Drive boardwalk until desired turnaround point. Approx 275ft elevation drop over 2 mile (and gain upon return) *This follows the uphill portion of AFC Half Marathon.

Clinic & Social

  • Social:   7:30p – Nunu's 3537 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


Saturday @ 7:15am - AFC Race Sampler

Starting in the heart of Balboa Park at Presidents Way (this is the finish area of the AFC Half Marathon), run back out on Laurel and down 6th ave then Down Ash Street to Harbor Drive.  Along Harbor Drive to end of Spanish Landing Park. Turn-around and come back.  ** This time hitting Harbor Island on the way back to simulate the AFC Course.  


**NOTE - This run is the same morning as the San Diego Track Club’s 8 & 3 mile fun run.  While in the same area, we don’t interfere with them and there is plenty of parking to go around.


See ya out there!


Coach Aaron

Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :)


Balboa Park, Baloba Dr.

2450 Balboa Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

This is just South of Kate Sessions statue in the large grass area. There are restrooms and water fountains nearby.  Parking is street only, and keep in mind that Balboa Drive is a one way street.


Balboa Park, Presidents Way

2150 Presidents Way, San Diego, CA 92101

In Balboa Park at the intersection of Presidents Way and Pan American Road.  Park in the large lot off of Presidents way, on the right side as you’re coming up the road.  We’ll meet in the grassy slope between the back side of the lit and the road (Pres Way).  Restrooms available across the street on the NW side of Pan American Road.