Summer 2018 - Week 7 (7/17/2018)



  • Social:   7:30p – Fuddruckers (8285 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92126)

SATURDAY @ 7:15 am - Balboa Parks Fountain 








      Happy Monday and hope everyone enjoyed the track workout last week because we have more coming your way this week.  We are moving into week 7 already and more than halfway through the season. If you had trouble keeping on pace last week please refer back to the 10k time trial we did a few weeks back, you will use what we learned from the time trial on the track again this week. This is the link for the Race Pace Calculator in case you missed it.   

      Summer Night’s Track Meets

      If anyone is really looking to test their speed I have just the thing for you. There is weekly Track Meet that is put on by a local running group made up of the SD Track Club, Movin Shoes, etc.  They run 4-5 meets throughout the summer and are held on Wednesday nights in June, July & August.  There are a few left for this year.  Learn more:

      If anyone decides to race at any of these meets please let us know. We will come out and cheer you on. Don’t forget to wear the Black Flag Shirt.

      Free Race Entry 
      Black Flag is also willing to cover your registration if you participate in the Aug 1st event. The process is easy; register for an event, run the event wearing your Black Flag Shirt and we will reimburse you for the cost of the event. A limit of 10 reimbursements will be given and will be given to the first people who registered.


      WE ARE RUNNING AT Mira Mesa High School (6:15pm)(change in location)

      We are run on Tuesday at Mira Mesa High School. I know there will be some crying because it’s a little further out but let’s give it a shot and we will reassess. We are not authorized to be at this track but we have run here in the past and we are not anticipating any issues. See below for details.


      Parking at Mira Mesa High School

      Parking is always a little tricky the first time but this is what I can tell you. Give yourself a little extra time to get parked and find your way to the track. There is some construction happening on the parking lot so they recommended that we park in the dirt lot (see pic below). We will see what happens when we get there. 



      This Week’s Training

      EVERYONE should be fully up to speed now.  BUT REMEMBER, when I say up to speed, I don’t mean ‘fast’ . . . even though we’re going to the track tomorrow. it means that you should be at a solid training level, rested up, recovered from your last race, and ready to take it to another level.  The only exception is for you crazies who ran the Mammoth Half yesterday (or any other race) or for the few newer runners who have just started.  If you are a newer runner, still have to keep things very easy in nature - give it a few more weeks and you’ll be at a better level.  


      Week 5 Bumps Things Up . . . Everyone’s training schedule has a slight increase in the weekly mileage (in addition to the usual long run increase)

      • Interval Run/Walkers – Moving UP to a 4/1 or 1/9 Interval.  In addition, Times increase 10min.
      • Intermediate Runners – Bump up in mid-week run mileage, +1mi each run.  Also, you should plan to Cross-train on Wednesdays.  It used to be optional, now highly recommended :)
      • PR Chasers Runners - Nothing too new. Did you find that Hill to do repeats on for Today’s run?  Tomorrow, we’ll add another mile to your LT Intervals.

      Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

      Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

      Wednesday @ 6:15pm – Mira Mesa School Track

      Go to Track. Run in circles, usually fast ;)  Bring your aide, towel, gym bags, keys, etc. down with you to the track.  *See below for detailed instructions.


      Clinic & Social

      •  Clinic:   5:45p - NONE (Core Workouts at the Track)
      • Social:   7:30p – Fuddruckers (8285 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92126)


      I hope everyone is excited because this Saturday's run will be a newer run that most of you have never done before and those that have done it have really enjoyed it. I am super excited about it because it includes 4 bridges and the option to visit a forgotten cemetery. I have a feeling it is going going to be a favorite but know in advance it's going to be challenging ......... in a good way. 

      Meet:  Bea Evenson Fountain 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 

        • New Run:  10.6 mil option CLICK
        • New Rn:  13.5 option CLICK
        • New Run: 14.3 option CLICK

      As Always...

      We'll usually arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, whatever.  We also plan to stay afterward for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 5:45 PM and the Saturday runs at 6:45 AM.


      See ya out there!


      Coach Aaron

      Detailed Meeting Locations

      This is where we will meet. Don’t get lost :)


      Mira Mesa High School Track

      10510 Reagan Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

      This is our first time at this location but parking in the front lot and walk to the track or in the surrounding surface streets seems like the best bet.,-117.142594,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dbf8e8626d66cb:0xfee42c6c4e5c394!8m2!3d32.9108864!4d-117.1404053


      Balboa Park's Bea Evenson Fountain

      1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

      We will meet the main fountain in Balboa Park, there is plenty of parking behind the Reuben H Fleet Science Center or behind the San Diego Museum of Natural History