Spring 2023 - Week 8 (Sat)


Saturday @ 7:15am - Group Run /9:00am - Race Starts

We will start our group run at 7:15pm so you can get your mileage in, then we will transition directly into the race. We will take a group pic in front of the 710 Beach Club at 8:50am.

     Social Event: Dave & Busters San Diego

    Date: Saturday 3/11/23 @ 7:15pm

    Location : 2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108

    Friends and family welcome. 


    • Social Event: Dave and Busters Social Event 3/11/23 @ 7:15pm 
    • Pasta Party SD Half: TBD 3/23/23 @ 6:15pm
    • Cheer Station: Downtown Mile 12 - 3/26/23 @ 8:30am
    • After Party: TBD 3/26/23 @ 10:00 am 

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       We are heading into Week 8 of training, and it’s going to be a fun week. We are ramping up our mileage for everyone and if you are doing the SD Half Marathon your just about race ready, we have the Leprechaun Run on Saturday and a Social event in the evening. Its going to be a big week for everyone.

      See you tomorrow. . 


      PB LEPRECHAUN RUN - SAT  3/11/23

      We are going to be switching things up as little on our run scheduled for Saturday, March 11. If you where part of the run club  for the winter season you will remember we participated in the PB Santa Run and it was a big hit. Give the feedback was so positive we are going to do a similar evet on 3/11/23 with the PB Leprechaun Run. The general plan is we will meet as a club before the run and get in some warm up miles and then migrate to the start line to complete the Fun Run 5K. This way we can still get in all the mileage on the schedule.

      This is a paid event and will require you to register independent f the club but we have secured a discount code listed below. If you don't want to do the run as a group with us I will still have a map available for you to get in your full miles. 

      The best part is we will do a social event after the run and enjoy a few green beers together. It should be a lot of fun and hope to see you out there. 

      • Discount Code: BFRC10 to receive 10% off 
      • Click: HERE to set up your team and register today!



      Our Next Social Event: Dave & Busters San Diego

      Saturday 3/11/23 @ 7:15pm

      2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108

      This is an open event so friends and family are invited to participate in the fun. See you then.

      Watch the Weather & Recovery Aide

      Especially for the newer runners... bring some warm clothes with you to the Tuesday night runs (It gets a bit chilly as it nears sundown.)  You can leave them behind when you go out.  Also, bring some RECOVERY DRINK and AIDE for after the group runs.  The first 30 minutes post-run are most important for re-hydration, and you should plan to eat your first 'healthy' meal within 2 hours.  (We’ll be talking more about aide, nutrition, and recovery as we progress.) This isn’t as crucial on our mid-week runs as it is on our longer, Saturday runs of >90min.

      This Week’s Training

      Run/Walkers – Both Interval groups bump UP another minute on each interval (while removing a minute of walking).  The A group is now running MORE than walking as you’ve crossed over the 50% mark – CONGRATS!!  Intervals are 2/3 and 2/8 now. Full marathoner’s mid week runs are slightly longer by 10min each.   

      Intermediate HALF – Continue Base building! No change from last week. All mid-week runs in the 5mi range. All runs are stillEASY (Novice) to Steady State (Intermediate)

      Intermediate FULL – No Change overall.  All runs are still EASY (Novice)to Steady State (Intermediate)

      PR Chasers FULL - Tuesday will introduce 800m Repeat Intervals. Fun Stuff!!

      SD Half Marathon Group - This is it!!! As noted above, this is your Taper week meaning all of your runs are a tad bit shorter, definitely easier but don’t miss out on any of the days (keep frequency the same).  I’ll have a dedicated “Taper” email for you separately.

      Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

      Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

      We will start our group run at 7:15pm so you can get your mileage in, then we will transition directly into the race. We will take a group pic in front of the 710 Beach Club at 8:50am.

      As Always we'll usually arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, whatever.  We also plan to stay afterward for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 5:45 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:15 AM.

      As always, please let us know if you have questions.


      See ya out there!


      Coach Aaron Adragna

      Detailed Meeting Locations

      This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :) 

      710 Beach Club: 710 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

      Parking is always a pain so give yourself time to find a spot. Street parking is your only real option.