Spring 2019 - Week 4 (2/16/2019)



    • Meet: Road Runner Sports.  http://bit.ly/tbNr2P (see details below)
    • Run: RRS Loops or Trail option – a few different options/mileages (We will have maps on site)
    • Map Run Walker & Intermediate: CLICK
    • Map PR Chasers / Trail Run: CLICK
    • Clinic: 8:45 am   Running Shoes & Shoe-Fit by www.RoadRunnerSports.com


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    Hey runners!  

    We have a fun weekend planned. We will be running at Road Runner Sports on Saturday which is always fun because we have added a trail run for the more experienced runners. Given how much it has been raining it's going to get muddy which is basically, Awesome! After the run, we will conduct a shoe clinic in the Road Runner Sports sore with a chance to win a free pair of shoes to keep you running fast throughout the season! We also have a social event planned for Saturday at AC Lounge that I hope you will all make it out for. 

    SD HALF - Upgrade Your Program 

    For those of you only signed up for the Winter ext for the SD Half and want to add on the RnR Half or Full Marathon training you can do so now. Below is the link. Extend before Friday and save $5 with code"LIKEABOSS" 


    Are you running SD HALF? Are you on the Black Flag Team! 

    SD Half Marathon has a team competition and we want to make sure we have as many people sign up as possible under the team name " BLACK FLAG RUNNING CLUB"  as possible. If you are already signed up make sure you tell them you are part of our group and share with all your friend. If they haven't signed up yet save $10 off with the code BLACKFLAG.

    Volunteers Needed - SD Half Expo (3/8/19 or 3/9/2019)

    I am looking for a hand full of runners that would be interested in volunteering at the SD Half Expo. The shifts will be 4 hours and can fit into the time frames listed below. It's really important that we find a few people to help out because they are willing to give us a booth at the expo if we can find a few people to help support this event.

    Please let me know at our group runs if you are available and we will coordinate all the details. 

    • Friday March 8 3:00 pm -7:00 pm
    • Saturday March 9 9:00 am -5:00 pm 

    Help support the club by volunteering at the expo!!! Your support is truly appreciated. 

    Volunteers Needed - So Cal Ragnar 2019 (4/12 to 4/13/2019)

    This year we have a team of runners doing the So Cal Ragnar Race on Friday 4/12 and 4/13. If you are unfamiliar with this event, a team of 12 runners participates in a 36-hour relay that covers around 200 miles. To participate in an event like this it takes a lot of support and we are looking for a few volunteers. 

    • 2 drivers
    • 3-course volunteers 

    Come talk to me if you are interested and thank you in advance for all your support. 

    Watch the Weather & Recovery Aide

    Especially for the newer runners... bring some warm clothes with you to the Tuesday night runs (It gets a bit chilly as it nears sundown.)  You can leave them behind when you go out.  Also, bring some RECOVERY DRINK and AIDE for after the group runs.  The first 30 minutes post-run are most important for re-hydration, and you should plan to eat your first 'healthy' meal within 2 hours.  (We’ll be talking more about aide, nutrition, and recovery as we progress.) This isn’t as crucial on our mid-week runs as it is on our longer, Saturday runs of >90min.

    Facebook Group

    We have a Facebook Group Page which allows members the opportunity to communicate, share their successes and post anything else you want to. Although the group is public, I will only be accepting the request from members or alumni. Please keep details related to specific locations of runs or happy hours, on the "down low."  You can click on the Facebook Group icon above or search for "Black Flag Running Club Group." 

     More social media & future sponsorship  


    We are always scouting out new opportunities to improve the club and bring new benefits to our members. As I am sure you can imagine our social media presence is particularly important to potential sponsors. If you are so inclined we would love to have you follow up on our social media channels, tag us and use some of our hashtags: #BlackFlagRunningClub and @BlackFlagRunningClub. Every post helps. Thank you in advance for your help in building the next big thing to hit San Diego's running community.  

    This Week’s Training

    For NEWER Runners - As we reviewed in detail on Saturday, the first 6-8 weeks are THE MOST IMPORTANT for your training as we are BUILDING A BASE.  This is the time period when you make gains physically, mentally and physiologically!  For newer runners...make it to week 8 and you're golden!!  You’ll also hear me say it often, but if you can make it through the first 8 weeks, your chances of success go waaayyy up.  This means 1) don't overdo it.  2) run your 4x per week.  For everyone - it's OKAY to walk at any time.  If you are a run/walker, then you MUST alternate walking.  You will simply build/shift to more running as you go along.

    Specific Training Notes for Week 4

    • Run/Walkers – Continue with very easy Intervals at same as last week - the A group is doing 3/2 and the B Group is doing a 3/7 interval.  Keep your walks “Brisk” and your runs “Very Easy Jog”. Nothing new, just more Time on your feet!
    • Intermediate Runners – Base building!  Plan on easy, steady run for the scheduled distance.  Do not over do it! Remember, SLOW DOWN.  You are likely running too fast and if you’re new to long distance running, this will catch up to you in a few weeks.   
    • PR Chasers  – Plan on picking things up a bit this week with some 10k intervals tomorrow and Hill Repeats on your own if you can get to some inclines. 
    • SD Half Marathon Group - You are building up to your LONGEST run of the training so getting close to peaking with 3 weeks to go.  Keep mid-week runs solid and strong and the long runs steady as you go.

    Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

    Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

    Saturday @ 7:15a - Road Runner Sports Loops w/ Trail Run Option 

    Run-walkers and Intermediate group: Enjoy this series of “industrial park” neighborhood loops starting at the Road Runner Sports Store.  There are various loops to choose from and you can venture out into Clairmont Mesa as well for some longer mileage.  You will likely have to double up on a combination of loops to get your mileage.

    PR Chasers: You have two options, run part of the loop or we have a trail run option to start introducing you uneven terrain and a series of hills. Keep in mind that the trail run option should be for seasoned runners that have had a few miles on the trails under their belts. If you are newer don't worry we will do this run again in summer.

    Meet: Road Runner Sports.  http://bit.ly/tbNr2P (see details below)

    • Run: RRS Loops – a few different options/mileages (We will have maps on site)

    o Loop 1, 2.5mi - http://bit.ly/rqFvj1 (Basic loop around store neighborhood)

    o Loop 2, 3.2mi - http://bit.ly/tPRZLD (Same as L1, but w/ extra out & back)

    o Loop 3, 8.9mi - http://bit.ly/vXARQ5 (Includes neighborhoods)

    o Loop 4, 7.5mi - http://bit.ly/zGRQEk  (Easier to follow than L3, out & back)

    o Loop 5, 12mi - http://bit.ly/13tDu67 (L4 + Genesee & Regents Loop)

    *Shoe Discount at Road Runner Sports, 20% on Saturday!

    We’re holding our Shoe Clinic at Road Runner Sports this weekend.  We’ll be raffling off some goodies and a FREE pair of shoes too.  This means that we will learn about shoes, and then get to shop in their store for an extra 10% off the usual 10% off, meaning we get 20% off (on Saturday only)  

    NOTE: Please note that when I send Map Links, the runs MAY contain mileage further than your prescribed run.  This is so I can use one map for many different mileages.  Please refer to your training schedule for the correct mileage.

    As Always

    We will arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, etc..  We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs by 6 PM and the Saturday runs by 7 AM.

    As always, please let us know if you have questions.

    See you tomorrow!

    Coach Aaron


    This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)

    Road Runner Sports (San Diego Store)

    5553 Copley Dr; San Diego, CA  92111

    Plenty of parking, park anywhere in their main parking lots.  There are 2 large buildings with lots all around.  DO NOT park in any stalls marked accordingly with signage, markings or cones.  Keep in mind the store is open from 9am  8pm daily. http://bit.ly/tbNr2P