Spring 2018 - Week 1 (1/20/2018)


     Saturday @ 7:15 am - South Mission Boardwalk

    Saturday @ 7:15 PM - Social Event / Carlsbad PR Party 

    • Meet: Social Event - Red Wing Bar n Grill
    • Location: 4013 30th Street San Diego CA 92104
    • Everyone is welcome: friends, family, that guy from work, the girl you meet in tinder.
    • rumor has it we might end up at Red Wing for some Taylor Swift karaoke

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    We had an awesome kickoff to the season on Tuesday with a big turnout and lots of people coming out to Happy Hour. This Saturday is another FREE run so please feel free to invite out anyone you think might have an interest.

    Reminder – these text/ posts are only going to registered members, so please do not simply forward these to others. 

    Training Schedules & Calendar

    Under the schedule link above you will find the running schedule for the season. You will always want to keep an eye on the schedule, in the event we make updates you will always find the details there.  This is the schedule that tells you exactly what to do, or not to do, every day for the entire season. The Group Run schedule is also forthcoming. 

    Re-Orientation this past Tuesday

    If you missed the orientation on Tuesday, don't worry. The link below is a great resource to answer any questions. We’ll be staying after the run to answer questions too. https://blackflagrunningclub.com/pages/faqs

    What to Expect on Saturday 

    The first few meetings will be a bit extended because we'll have a lot to cover and review, in addition to welcome all the new runners that keep on signing up.  Saturday morning, we will spend the first 20-25min going through general announcements, daily routine, etc.  However, there will be less speak and more run as we progress and usually by about week 2 or 3 we're in full speed with mostly running :)  

    Taking Sign-Ups

    Spread the word . . . we will be taking registrations and signups on Saturday during the Orientation and after the group run.

    Have warm clothes ready

    As it can still get quite chilly and we always spend the first 5-10 minutes covering info, training notes, news, events, etc.  Tomorrow night will be even more since it’s day #1.  And a bit more time the first few weeks as we come up to speed. As the veterans know, we provide "Storage" for your clothing, keys, etc. so you can keep warm until just before we head out on a run.  Until it really warms up, please plan to have some warm clothes ready to go, at least for the initial meet-up and warm-up.

    What to Bring / Wear?

    After a handful of emails over the last few days, I have added a new section to the Daily Routine email, which most of you have already received.  For those who haven’t, here it is . . . . One good thing about running is that it’s relatively easy to get ready, get dressed and pack up.  While not the “cheapest” sport, it’s pretty straightforward. Now, actually GETTING OUT THE DOOR . . . that’s one of the hardest part of this adventure you’re on.  More on that later.

    • Running Shoes*
    • Running Attire / Clothing**
    • Water / Aide for after the run.  Many bring a sports drink, water bottle, etc.

    A few other points that may help:

    • Yes, we do run in the rain (see earlier email)
    • Dress as it’s 10-15deg warmer than it actually is, for the actual run.
    • Plan to bring some warm/dry outerwear that you can leave behind (more on “Clothing Tubs” below).  Jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants / warm ups, etc.

    * Shoes - we will be having a shoe clinic within the first few weeks so if you are in need and not sure, hold off.  You’ll be fine for a bit.  Do NOT just go out to Sport Chalet and get the coolest looking, least expensive shoes.

    ** Clothing / Attire - similarly, we’ll be reviewing this during our “Running 101” clinic that happens in the first few weeks.  Generally speaking, it’s athletic, moisture-wicking “technical” or “dri fit” type of stuff.

    Open Registration & Free Test Runs

    Remember, we'll be taking sign-ups until 1/27/17 so pass on the information to friends, family, co-workers, etc.  For those who want to pass on detailed info to others, send them to the site:

    Upgrade your Program 

    For those of you only signed up for the Winter ext for the SD Half and want to add on the RnR Half or Full Marathon training you can do so now. Below is a think for members only. If you sign up now we will have your Black Flag Running Shirt in 2-3 week and be able to wear it for SD Half. 


    Social Event: This Saturday

    As part of the club, we put on monthly social events. It's a great opportunity to get to know other members and shows we know how to have a little fun other than running. Our first event of the Spring Season is this Saturday Click HERE for all the details.  

    Join our Facebook Group

    We also encourage our members to follow us on our Facebook group. It's a great place for members to communicate with one another, share pics and ask general questions. You can find the group page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/131419107561420/

    This Week’s Training

    We are off and running in Week 1, so plan your runs based on the training log.  The training program (that you’ll receive soon) calls for 4-5 days per week, so don't feel obliged to get a "Great workout" on the first and every run.  It is the long haul that counts!  You will hear us say this over and over.

    For Beginner and Intermediate Runners JUST STARTING OUT, we are in our "Building Phase" for the first 6-8 weeks.  This is the time it takes for your body and “systems” to get up to speed with long distance running.  You’ll hear me say it often, but if you can make it through the first 8 weeks, your chances of success go waaayyy up.   Consider it boot camp!  Even more, beginners & Entry level intermediate runners (those of you who haven’t been running lately or ever) - The first 2-4 weeks shall be VERY EASY to slowly ramp into it.

    For Beginner and Intermediate Runners CONTINUING from our Winter Program (or who have otherwise been training for the last few months) take these next few weeks to “RESET” .  You will have already received my “Recovery” email to cover the next 2 weeks so follow that.  Generally speaking, you won’t have to totally go back to square one, but it is smart to take a few weeks to rest and recover.

    For everyone:

    • Run/Walkers – This week will be sort of a test, to determine which Interval Group you will be in, A or B.  The A Group will be on a 4/1 interval (It’s actually Walk/Run during the runs) with the B group on a 4/6.  The idea is for you to go out and test the different intervals. Coach Yayoi will review in more detail at the group runs.
    • For NEWER Runners - As we (quickly) reviewed on Saturday, the first 6-8 weeks are THE MOST IMPORTANT for your training as we are BUILDING A BASE.  This is the period when you make gains Physically, Mentally and Physiologically!  For newer runners, make it to week 8, and you're golden!!  Remember . . . GRADUALITY!!!  CONSISTENCY!!!  That means 1) don't overdo it.  2) Run your 4x per week.  For Everyone - it is OKAY to walk - at any time.  If you are a Run/Walker, then you MUST alternate walking.  

      Runkeeper CLICK

      Click on image to see how to setup runkeeper:

    • Intermediate Runners – Nothing special here, just go out and run ;)  Well, not that simple.  REGARDLESS . .  SLOW DOWN.  You are likely running too fast and if you’re new to long distance running, this will catch up to you in a few weeks.  One more thing – it is okay to take an occasional walk break here and there.  Maybe 1min worth at the turnaround?  Or 30sec on 10min intervals.   
    • PR Chasers – Remember, this doesn’t mean you’re simply fast*.  It just means you have a good base and are ready to run out the gate.  This week is simply full of easy but solid runs.  The coachs will review with you the specifics.

    *For those of you “seasoned” already and coming off of some recent races, you will simply pick up with the training program and keep your runs solid and strong (but easy when it calls for it ;)  If this pertains to you, then the Advance schedule may be the one to follow.  

    FOR EVERYONE – After our group chat tomorrow night, we'll be breaking off into our Individual Groups, just listen for the announcements.  Each Coach will review in general the overall approach.  We will do the same on Saturday.

    Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

    Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.


      Saturday @ 7:15 am - South Mission Boardwalk

       Starting at the South Mission Jetty, run North along the concrete pathway through PB.  Venture into Northern PB / Southern La Jolla until your turnaround, then come back.

      Clinics: There will be NO clinics this week as we ramp up the membership and get things rolling!

      As Always

      We'll usually arrive 15-20 minutes before each group run to make ourselves available for questions, tips, whatever.  We also plan to stay afterwards for as long as it takes to do the same.  This means I'll be at Tuesday runs around 6:00 PM and the Saturday runs at 7:00 AM.

      As always, please let us know if you have questions.

      See ya out there!


      Coach Aaron


      Detailed Meeting Locations


       Mission Beach

      999 N. Jetty Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

      Go to S. end of Mission Blvd, turn right (West) into the parking lot.  We'll be along the grassy park area, in front of the volleyball courts on the East end of the parking lot, not quite to the bathrooms, but about 1/2 way down.  http://bit.ly/tiWENM