Cupid's 2nd Chance Valentines Party - Feb 18 @ 7:15pm

The Black Flag Running Club presents

 “Cupid’s Second Chance,” Valentine’s Party and Social Mixer


Feb 18,2023 @ 7:15pm


Mike Hess Brewing 3812 Grim Ave, San Diego, CA 92104


If you live an active lifestyle and like meeting new people, we are inviting you to the Black Flag Running Clubs, “Cupid’s Second Chance,” Valentine’s Party, and Social Mixer. Don’t worry being a runner or being single is not a requirement to attend this FREE event or being single but if you know a single person you will want to invite them out.

This is an open event and strongly encourage you to bring someone along that likes to have a good time and meet new people. This event is meant to provide a safe, relaxed space for mingling and meeting new people. Come out and have fun, share drinks, and build new connections. No matter if you're married, single or it’s complicated it’s always fun to mingle with new people.

Upon arriving, you are encouraged to wear a wristband of a color corresponding to your relationship status.

  • Green - Available
  • Red - Taken
  • Yellow - It’s Complicated

The name tags are meant to help nudge intentions, but participation is voluntary. An icebreaker activity will be held to foster connection. This event is age 21+ only.