Train Run

Train Run

If you are doing the train run you will be doing a minimum of 16 miles. If you are doing less than that, it will be an out and back from the Solana Beach train station.

In short, this is the plan we jump on the train in Solana Beach and take it to Oceanside then run back. That's it!! 

Meeting Location:  Solana Beach Transit Center, 105 N Cedros Ave & Solana Beach Transit Center, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Meeting Times: Runners doing 16+Milers  will get on one of the northbound train at the following times  6:33am, 8:44am, 12:43pm, 2:16pm, 4:36pm and 7:22pm.   

Runners doing less than 16 Miles will do an out and back at whatever time you wish. 

 Tickets: You will need to purchase your train ticket in advance at . Do NOT try and get them the day of at the ticketing station, there is too much going and you will not want to deal with it at that time.

Train Details:You will want to arrive 20 min before your train departs and  proceed to the train platform 10min before it leaves. The train trip will take about 21 min north to the Oceanside Train Station. Once you arrive you will take the stairs under the tracks and you will begin your run from there. 

Train 763 Surfliner  Leaves @ 6:33am
Train 1767 Surfliner Leaves @ 8:44am
Train 777 Surfliner Leaves @ 12:43pm
Train 579  Surfliner Leaves @ 2:16pm
Train 785  Surfliner Leaves @ 4:36pm
Train 593  Surfliner Leaves @ 7:22pm


Aid Stations: Sorry guys, Because of Covid 19 there is not aid station. 

Other things to bring: It might not be a bad idea to bring some cash with you,  should you need something (extra water). Tere are plenty of stores to stop at. This is also one of those runs where I would recommend bringing your cell phone with you. It’s good to have some form of communication with you as a backup or just to take pictures along the way. (or call a Lyft/Uber, in case of emergency)



The Scoop

Step 1 is to pick which train you are going to be on and get your tickets in advance.  They're like planes, they leave on time. If you miss your train you could be waiting for some time.


This will allow you the needed 10-15 minutes to allow for parking, getting tickets, and such.  Parking can be crazy there, and lines to get tickets get a bit crazy too.  We want to be down on the tracks with tickets in hand 10 min before your train leaves. I've seen a runner or two run frantically down the stairs to only see the back ass of a train heading out of town.

Parking/Driving Directions

Solana Beach Train Station, 105 N. Cedros Ave, 92075.  I-5 to Lomas Santa Fe, West on Lomas Santa Fe, Right on N. Cedros Ave.  Train Station is on left - park in public parking lots or streets.  You can also park up on Rios Avenue.  This area can become very busy and crowded if travel season is high.  Plan on a good 5-10-15 min walk if you have to park a few blocks up the street.

Meeting Spot

We will meet in the train station parking lot. 

Map - )

Purchase Your Tickets

This is AMTRAK, NOT The Coaster.  DO NOT purchase Coaster Tickets at any kiosk or otherwise.  You must get tickets online in advance, or INSIDE the train station. (A few years ago another running group (doing it the same day) donated about a dozen, nearly useless 'Coaster' tickets.)

Tickets are $10.55 each, ($.55 cents more than last year) bring $$$ and an I.D. It is recommended to buy tickets online at  Search for the "763 Pacific Surfliner" train from Solana Beach (SOL) to Oceanside (OSD).  IMPORTANT - Bring an ID. It's required to get on the train.  Yes, you'll have to run with it in a pocket or belt.  They sometimes do not check and some have gotten away without this, but be warned.

I highly recommend NOT trying to gang up to buy the GROUP rate, most of you may save like a dollar, but it will be CHAOTIC as no one ever has the right change and so on (hence, at least a few getting jipped out of change altogether spending more than the regular ticket.)  Do not listen to the ticket agents who try to offer it to you.  

No Key Tub in Oceanside & Identification

We will NOT be able to hold onto anything from Oceanside so what you ride up with, you’ll have to ditch or run home with.  With that said, you’re technically supposed to have an ID while on the train (but I have yet to see anyone get asked so it’s your own risk)  Plan on carrying it with you . . . maybe along with that $10 bill for emergencies.  (I always carry one in my shoe whenever I go on long runs . . regardless of support on the course.)

Cell Phone- It’s a good idea to bring it with you.

Given the distance and all the moving parts related to this run it might not be a bad idea to bring your cell phone with you. This will allow you to take lots of pictures on your way down the coast and have a backup should you need to uber or Lyft your way back.  You might want to save Coach Aaron’s cell in your phone too in case of an emergency. I can’t come pick you up but if you need to let me know what to do about your keys  you have a way to reach me. My cell is   619-405-1828, text is always best.



Anything related to the run itself, maps, aide stations, mileages, etc.  I thank the San Diego Track Club for this map that’s been around for at least a decade.

Half versus Full marathoners

As previously announced and discussed, this run is for the FULL Marathoners AND any Half Marathoners who are 1) fit and able to do the longer distance and 2) want the extra added adventure.  For all other Half Marathoners, there will be an alternate run starting from the same meeting place and detailed below.  Do NOT do the full 16 miles for the sake of doing it – we can’t risk anyone getting stuck, missing aide stations or worse, injured outthere. In fact, do NOT even plan to do it unless you are feeling 100% mentally and physically ready.

Train run experience for Half Marathoners

So if you really, really, really want to do the train run but not ready to take on 16 miles there is always another option. Everyone is welcome to take the train up with us and run the majority of the miles back south and when you hit your mileage call an Uber or Lyft. You get the experience of the train run but don’t need to take on the commitment of the full 16 miles. As we said before, don’t take on the mileage if you are not ready for it.

Full Marathoners (R/W Group) – Options?

The full marathon run/walk group’s schedule calls for 190 minutes.  It will be up to you (and knowing your approx. pace) whether you want to attempt the full 16 miles.)   Again, TIME is most important, not mileage.   FYI – Covering 16 miles at a 12 minute average pace will take 192 minutes w/o stops and breaks . . . so you’re at the top end of the range. If you know you’re slower than a 12 minute pace (again, overall average of both walk/run) then you may consider just doing an up and back.  Sorry. if I could shorten the distance between Solana beach and Oceanside, I would . . . plus there is just no other option or time in our calendar to do this run to better fit the schedule.  Do NOT do the train run if you will be out there for more than 3 hours (210 minutes). You will miss aide stations and course support.

The Actual Run

Once off the train, you'll be on the East side of tracks.  Head a bit south towards the Coaster section, then go UNDER the tunnel and meet up in the parking lot near Meyer's street.  It should be wide open and quiet.  Give 5 minutes to let people use restroom, etc. and then have SOMEONE lead the quick warm-up/stretch.  Head out and run*.

o    UpNorth (Get it done first)

o    DownSouth (Wait till end):

  • 2.0miAdd-on = Pass SB Station, turnaround at Via De La Valle
  • 5.0miAdd-on = Pass SB Station, turnaround at Power House Park (Water & Restrooms)


Everyone should be running by 7:15am latest.  This is a late start compared to others, and risks hot weather quicker so it’s vital we get out soonest. We need everyone back to the finish by 11:15am.

**The attached map shows going North on Meyer to Seagrove and this is NOT required. Simply go straight West to Pacific Street and turn left (South)  The e-map link is correct.  

Add-on Mileage

Some have asked about adding on mileage at the top/beginning.  You can do this, but all of the maps have been developed to add it at the end.  If you do, simply go UP half of your add-on mileage and turn-around and come back down to the finish - but know you can only go so far up North.  Check out the e-maps ahead of time if you wish to do this.

Add-on Mileage up North

All of the existing maps and runs have been developed with add-on mileage at the bottom, or to put it less mildly, the end of the run . . . asking you to pass the finish area, keep going and come back.  Yes, it’s tough mentally.   Some have always added it on at the beginning, or up North.

Just don’t forget that the existing maps will be whatever many miles off and we set aide stations based on the main run heading south, so it will be that many more miles before hitting one.  There are a handful of public restroom buildings w/ water fountains though. (A few of which are down on the Strand / Beachboardwalk which you can hit on the return)

Half Marathoners / Coastal Run (NOT doing Train Run)

For anyone not doing the train run, we’ll have a great run up & back on the coast.  Being an out & back, means you can turn it into any mileage you wish.  

It’s mapped out to 14 miles, but you will turn around at “Jason Street” which is about 6 miles up.  I’ve indicated the existing aide stations and a couple of Turn-off points.

Lots of Drinking Fountains (if you dare)

There is plenty of water and aid on the course see below:

  • 5.5 miles, at Canon Road (along bushes/trees/fence just before streetlight)
  • 6.5 miles, just past Palomar Village Rd, along fence/pull-out near mini-glider port and orange windsock.
  • 9.1mi - just before La Costa Ave (inside fence turn-out)
  • 10.5mi at Leucadia Blvd stoplight (at Roadside Park)
  • 12.8mi - Swami's Seaside Park park.  (in the grass in front of park)- Aid StationAdditionally,
  • 3.2mi - Magee Park (corner of Beach St & N Coast Hwy) – Aid Station
  • 4.1mi -Beach Access, Tamarack Road
  • 7.0-8.5mi , inside the campground, there's at least 6 of them.**Must enter campground at 7 mi, or at center main entrance, 8mi.
  • 9.0mi - StateBeach parking lot, just before La Costa a bit off the road, but it's there.
  • 12.8mi - Swamis Seaside Park
  • 13.8mi - San Elijo StateBeach Campground Entrance (inside the park)
  • 14.2mi - StateBeach Parking Lot
  • 15.2mi - StateBeach Parking Lot


Gels & Gus

You will want to bring your own supply of  GUs and related nutrition products.  As always, it’s good to test/sample your own too as what we have may not be what’s on the racecourse, etc.


It's Always a Great Day to Run!

See ya on the train!


Coach Aaron