July Social


Thank you to everyone, who came out for the social event on Saturday. Once again we had an awesome time and much of the night should never be discussed again. Keeping it consistent.


Zombie Walk - Comic Con

Saturday, July 21st @ 5:15pm 

Meeting Spot: Werewolf Bar : 627 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

This is the plan.... The Black Flag Running Club will be participating in the 2018 Comic Con Zombie Walk. The event is free to participate in but you need to be dressed up. The idea is we will meet the Werewolf bar for a drink or two then move to the staging area for the Zombie walk. Here's catch, the Zombie walk organizers have not said where the staging area is yet and announce it a few hours in advance so this means you need to be ready when they tell us. It has always been within a few blocks of the bar we are meeting a so it should be ok. The theme of this year is Zombie Holiday so think an undead Santaclause but any zombie type makeup will work. If you have never done this event before is a group of people dresses up like zombies and take over 5th Ave as a group. They way its a walk but I think it's under a mile at most. It's an organized activity and looks super cool. We will give it a shot and see how t goes. 

After the walk, we will find another place to finish the night at.