Group runs canceled for the rest of the week

Hi Team,

The news related to COVID-19 is coming out fast and starting to have major impacts on how organizations operate. There has been new CDC recommendations that have further limited the number of people permitted to congregate and requesting self-quarantine. I have heard from my network that other running clubs like the San Diego Track Club and the Westcoast Road Runners have suspended meetings until 3/30. Given the new CDC guidelines and seeing how other clubs are addressing this the Black Flag Running Club is going to suspend all group runs for the remainder of this week and will communicate a plan of how we will operate moving forward on Monday 3/23.

Everyone has a copy of the schedule and encourages you to keep up on your mileage despite the temporary cancelation of the group runs. I would encourage runners to utilize social media like Strava, Facebook and Instagram to communicate with other runners and let us see how you are navigating this situation.  If you have any question you can email me at  

I appreciate your support and stay tuned for more information soon.


Coach Aaron.

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