Fall 2021 - Week 5 (Tue)

NEED TO KNOW: Week 5-16

    Tuesday @ 6:15 pm - Crown Point for the “10k Fun Run

    Saturday @ 7:15am - To La Jolla Cove (from Crown Point) 

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    Hello Runners and Happy Week 5-16!!  Can you believe we are already half way through the Fall Season and only have 5 more weeks left Crazy!!!!

    With that in mind, if you are running the full marathon the next 3 Saturday runs are going to be some of the most important of the training as we will be asking you to run further than you have ever ran before. Everyone has been looking very strong out there and excited to see how this last stretch of training goes.

    This week we have two runs both of which will be taking off from the same location Tuesday is a time 10K and Saturday we are heading back up to La Jolla.  

    See you out there tomorrow.

    It’s Getting Dark (Bring a Headlamp)

    Who noticed how dark it was on last week’s run? Most of the remaining runs will be on pathways that have street lights but there is often dark spots along the way. If you have one I would encourage you to start bring your headlamp with you on these Tuesday runs. Your safety is important and bringing a headlamp with you is the best way to prevent a trip and fall on these runs. Be Safe out there.

    Shirt Delay

    I heard from the printer last week that there are some issue sourcing the blank shirt for this season, they have assured me we will have them in a few more week but they are taking longer than planned. I am keeping an eye on this and will let you know if anything changes. I should have a new delivery date sometime this week.

    Timed 10K Information (CLICK)


    This Tuesday will be the kick off of the timed 10K. This is great place to measure our progress and see how we are improving and set some realistic goals for the training program. Assuming you’re healthy and injury-free, we’ll be running a 10k timed run, aka “Time Trial”.  As noted above, it fits in perfectly to our schedule.   We’ve been training enough to be able to run a solid 10k, but not too far into the program where cutting back to a 10k is detrimental.  The purpose of this is:

    • Gauge your current fitness/running level
    • Practice running at/near your Lactate Threshold pace (more to come soon)
    • Provide a baseline set numbers for future training
    • Offer you close to racing conditions 


    We are back after it with another big run this weekend.  

    • Run/Walkers (Half) – (2/3 or 2/8) Long run will be UP to 80min
    • Run/Walkers (Full) – (2/3 or 2/8) Long run will be UP to 160min
    • Intermediate HALF – Long run will be UP to 8 mi.
    • PR Chasers HALF – Long run will be UP to 12 mi.(e8+LT4)
    • Intermediate FULL –  Long run will be UP to 16 mi.
    • PR Chasers FULL­­­­ –  Long run will be UP to 20 M mi.

      Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

      Below are the run maps and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this post are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

         Two runs one location: 

        Tuesday @ 6:15 pm - Crown Point for the “10k Fun Run

        Saturday @ 7:15am - To La Jolla Cove (from Crown Point)

        From Crown Point, head North around Sail Bay to the ocean and head North into La Jolla along the beautiful “bike path” and neighborhood of La Jolla.  It’s an Out & Back, so turn around where your schedules tells you, but you can easily get all the way to the Cove for a 15mi run, or the Shores, and further if you wish.

        As Always

        Please let us know if you have questions.

        See ya out there!

        Coach Aaron

        Detailed Meeting Locations

        This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)

          Both Tuesday and Saturday

        Crown Point Shores Park (Southern Lot)

        3550 Crown Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92109 -  (Address is not exact)

        We'll meet at the Southern end of the most Southern parking lot in the grass area along the edge of the lot, closest to Ingram Street bridge.  Plenty of parking lot parking. There is a set of restrooms and water fountains in this end too.