Fall 2021 - Week 3 (Sat)

NEED TO KNOW: Week 3-14

    Saturday @ 7:15am - Long Bird Rock (from La Jolla Shores)

      • Meet: La Jolla Shores / Kellogg Park - http://bit.ly/16dNaQO
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      • NOTE: NO Aid Station on SATURDAY 
      • 3 1/2 Hour Cut Off 

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    Lets get excited everyone as we have a big 3 days weekend in front of us and we will be kicking it off with a long run. Those in the full marathon program are starting to see some big miles on these Saturday runs. The newer runners are still in the build up phase but the good news is in the next week or two you should start to feel things will get a little easer out there. We also have a recovery week next week so the mileage will be flat. 

    Yall gut this, see you in the morning.

    NO Aid Station and 3 1/2 Cut Off on SATURDAY 

    We don't do this often but from time to time we will apply a 3 1/2 cut off. This basically means I am going to stick around until 10:45am. I normally stick until the last runner returns but this weekend I will be cutting that a little short. Most people will be back in that time frame but if your are gone longer than that you know where I went.  Additional there will not be aid station on the run this weekend. Plan to carrying whatever you need with you.  

    This Week’s Training

    We are in Week 3 or Week 14 the training.  That means we’re still UP this week in both intensity and overall weekly mileage.  Next week will be our recovery week, you should be ready to get back out there with our longest training runs of the season coming this weekend.  Some notable items for each group:

    • Run/Walkers (ALL) – This week  we have a new interval times or mid-week runs. Intervals are now 3/2 and 3/7.
    • Run/Walkers (Half) – Long run will be UP to 60min
    • Run/Walkers (Full) – Long run will be UP to 150min
    • Intermediate HALF – Long run will be UP to 8 mi.
    • PR Chasers HALF – Long run will be UP to 10 mi.
    • Intermediate FULL –  Long run will be UP to 16 mi.
    • PR Chasers FULL­­­­ –  Long run will be UP to 16M mi.

    Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

    Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.

    Saturday @ 7:15 am - Along Bird Rock (from La Jolla Shores)

    Starting at La Jolla Shores Park, run South through the side streets of La Jolla, North PB and down into Mission Beach. It’s an out & back, so turn-around at your prescribed mileage.

    As Always

    Please let us know if you have questions.

    See ya out there!