Running in the rain

“Wet Running Tips”

Races don’t cancel due to the rain (or cold, or wind, or even snow).  Most runners shouldn’t either.

Before the Run

If you have to spend some time outside before you run (like with a group ;) bring some rain gear: jacket, pants, umbrella, trash bag, or similar.  It’s sometimes cold at the same time (especially here in SoCal) so make sure you have a layer of warmth underneath.

What to Wear

If there is any time to ensure you have the right gear, it’s during wet weather running.

  • A hat or visor to keep the drops from hitting our face and into your eyes.  Nothing like a Water Drip Torture to bug you on the run.  Glasses may or may not work.  They may make things worse.
  • Definitely wear technical clothing that helps whisk moisture like CoolMax,  
  • If not warm, a Rain Jacket – though ensure it’s “technical” in nature – as in lightweight, breathable, and designed for sport.
  • If cold too (and/or snow, sleet) then you’ll have to get into super technical gear like GoreTex, etc.
  • Chaffing risk increases so Body Glide can be your friend.
  • Some will recommend Trail Shoes if you have them – they have a better tread and overall, better to withstand the conditions.  Keep in mind your distance, however.  If going on a LONG run, and you’ve never run LONG in your trail shoes before, you could risk other issues like blisters, etc.

During the Run

  • Be careful of puddles as you can’t always determine if it’s a big pothole or otherwise.
  • Use extra caution around traffic.  “Defensive Running” is a must, as many drivers (again, definitely in SoCal) are way to distracted with the “horrible conditions” they feel they are faced with (yes, sarcasm was inserted there)
  • Have Fun!  Assuming you’ve come prepared, enjoy it!

After the Run

  • If you’re not near home, have a near complete change of clothes ready for after the run.  If you can, immediately change.  If not, then do what you can.  At a minimum, you should be able to remove/change your socks/shoes, tops/shirts, etc.  Plan to bring an entire change of dry clothes, and change what you can.
  • Bring a trash bag to bring all of those wet clothes home in.
  • Enjoy what you just accomplished.  Again, it’s a pretty cool experience.

There does come a point when getting out the door in wet doesn’t make sense.  When it’s cold, windy and nasty AND you don’t have the right clothing.  Again, one can dress/prepare for any conditions with the right gear.


I can’t stress enough .. . a good healthy run in the rain is an exhilarating experience.  Look forward to the challenge if it is raining.