Final Race Information for SD Half Marathon (3/26/2023)


Congratulations to everyone who's made it this far and running next weekend! 

You've spent boatload of weeks training, logging hundreds of miles running . . Spend the next 10-15 minutes reading it . . and also check out the links and attachments  ;)

This is our “Race Information Summary” which consists of the most frequently asked questions over the last 10+ years of doing this.  It’s the good stuff, but it is also SUPPLEMENTAL to the information provided by the Race. 

New Course Map

They changed the course this year and it can be seen at Http:// . You will see that it's not dramatically different. It finishes down 5th Ave and end under the Gaslamp sign. They do have the Google Map version posted. 

Start Time:

  • Half Marathon: 6:50 AM
  • 5K: 6:30 AM

Final Race Info

A portion of this may have been reviewed during the last group run or two. In general, there is a TON of info on the race website linked below:

    Race Confirmation

    If you haven’t already, confirm your entry now.  True story . . . A few years ago, one of our runners for the Rock n Roll Marathon one year failed to do so and found out on Saturday afternoon at the expo that she was never confirmed. In a nutshell, it was a mess.

      Expo & Bib Pickup 

      Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter: 401 K St. San Diego, CA 92101

      It’s generally a great idea to get to the expo on Saturday morning before the crowds. This will allow you to 1) Beat the Crowds and 2) Rest for the better part of the day on Saturday. The Expo is the perfect place to pick up your packet, meet fellow runners, and check out the latest running & fitness-related gear! The Expo is open Friday and Saturday:

      • Friday, March 24, 2023:  2:00pm – 6:00pm

      • Saturday, March 25, 2023:  9:00am – 4:00pm

      Learn more here:

      Pick-up Someone Elses Bib?

      From the website “If you cannot pick up your race packet, you may have a friend or family member pick it up for you at the Expo. They will need to present a copy of your photo ID and the signed waiver to pick up your packet.”  

      Training - How Much to Run? (Final Week)

      You will receive (if not already) a “Race Taper” info post. The most frequent question asked is how much and when to run during the final week:

      During the final week leading into Race Day, you should have a good, easy run on Tuesday. If you don’t get out again on Thursday, you should plan to run Friday an easy 3-4 miles at most... And VERY EASY.  You WILL NOT get any training benefit by doing anything other than a very easy jog.  It's more to keep your body loose, stretched out, and things flowin’.

      And if you don’t get out on Friday, plan on doing A VERY EASY jog for 15-25min. You will not “tire out” by running a mile or two, followed by a good stretch routine.  

      Not Racing?

      We will have our regularly scheduled run on Saturday morning at 7:15am for the rest of the La Jolla and Rock n Roll runners who are not running the race.  If you are racing, it’s not a bad idea to come out and join them for an easy jog, warm-up and stretch if you are not going to the expo.

      Nutrition, Food & Hydration

      Eat hearty during last few days, but DO NOT eat a huge meal after 7pm Saturday night before the race - plan to eat big early. Then a snack before bed. Most of you should plan on eating a small meal, or a small snack at least, VERY FIRST thing when you wake up on Sunday. Don't wait too long, however to eat.  Should have at least 90-120 minutes to digest most solid meals. Snacks and liquid supplements can be taken closer to race time.

      Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate. Do NOT wait until Saturday evening to start drinking more fluids. It actually started days ago. You should not wait until Sunday morning to put down an extra Gatorade for breakfast - it’s actually not very effective by that late in the game.  Start hydrating now, if not 2 days ago.  Drink lots of water and supplement with things like Amino Vital, Gatorade or other sports drink, preferably ones with lots of electrolytes, etc.

      Pre-Race Nutrition

      Speaking of eating . . . every meal is important, but no meal is more important than the one before a race. Eating the right pre-race meal at the right time ensures that all your hard training doesn't go to waste. Check out these guidelines on which foods are best to eat before a big race:


      Nothing New Food-wise!

      DON'T do or eat or drink or wear anything new, or that you're not used to. One of the reasons for the Saturday long runs is to practice and get used to "race conditions" . . . what to eat/when, drink/when, how much coffee should I drink.  Should I get on the pot before I leave the house, or wait for a blue toilet? DO NOT TRY ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.


      There is always a direct link between nutrition, hydration and medical.  The Rock n Roll Race website has a decent overview section on Medial and Hydration.



      DO NOT however, overcompensate and over hydrate.  This can have just as serious effects. Simply reflect back to our long runs, some of which were toasty, and adjust accordingly.  **KEEP IN MIND that this some of the information in the above links is specific to the RnR marathon.  

      Getting to the Race & Parking

      Half the battle with race day has nothing to do with running.  It’s UPS’s tagline - “Logistics”.  

      As noted earlier, the race has not yet published travel and parking details (They used to have it published by now.)  

      Be sure to check out the upcoming race information, the race’s website and Facebook. We will be sure to communicate any important items or changes.

      Meeting Area, Time & Group Picture

      We do the same every race . . we designate a spot to meet up. Begin meeting up approx ~1-1.5 hours before race time. We then take a Family Picture EXACTLY 30min before race time, then you’re off on your own to use the porta pottys, change, drop your bags, etc.  We do NOT do any formal warm-up, etc.

      We will meet at the  base of the Glass Elevator structure at the bottom of the new Harbor Drive Footbridge at the corner of Tony Gwynn Drive and Park Blvd.  And a picture of the meeting spot is here: CLICK

      • <6:00a - Plan to arrive, the earlier the better. Find the BLK FLG group, rest, relax, hit the porta potties.

      • 6:20a* - GROUP PICTURE - If you guys can get a picture, that would be awesome!

      • 6:25am - Bag Drop, hit the porta potties again, Head to Corrals.

      • 6:50am  - Race Start

      *We'll be taking a GROUP PICTURE at 6:20am SHARP (30 minutes prior to race time)  Please adjust your Porta-Potty visits accordingly.  I know some of you will miss the picture, just don’t let it be you ;)

      Bag Drop & Gear Check

      Most races include a “Bag Drop” area and operate the same way.  Sorry, we won’t have the Key or Clothing Tubs to hang onto your keys. Gear check drop-off areas are located in between the Start area and the Finish line, at the corner of 5th and L St. Your bag will be available for pick-up in the finish area.


      Keep an eye on the weekend weather. Here are some links and general notes:

      • mid 70's  Mornings are typically cloudy/overcast, even if sunny day.

      Weather Forecast

        Live Tracking & Results

        In the past, they have offered live tracking but currently, the information is not posted.

        More information can be found here:

        General Racing Info & Tips

        Final Race Preparation

        Here are a few good online articles on your final Preparation. For Half Marathoners, keep in mind some are geared towards the FULL marathon, but most of the concepts apply:

        Aide on The Course

        Fully-staffed and equipped water and support stations will be positioned along the course with water and portable restrooms.

        • Ultima Electrolyte Drink (orange flavor) will be provided at 4 Aid Stations: Mile 3.3, 6.6, 9.5 and 10.8.

        • Fresh Water will be provided at all 8 Aid Stations: Miles 1.6, 3.3, 5.0, 6.6, 8.2, 9.5, 10.8 and 12.0.

        • Clif Shot energy gels (vanilla, razz, citrus and mocha) will be available, preceding the water station at Mile 8.2.

        • Portable Restrooms will be located at Mile 1.0, 3.3, 6.3, 8.5, 9.9, and 10.8

        Black Flag CHEER STATION 

        Give then have changed the last few miles of the course this year we will establish a cheer station at the corner of 5th and Est (868 Fifth Ave San Diego, CA 92101). Please invite out all your friends and family out.

        Spectators & Road Closures

        Every race is different in regards to spectators. The ability and ease for spectators to get on the course and depends on many factors:

        • Course has full public access

        • The Course Itself - what parts of town (or country) is it going through. Are the neighborhoods safe?

        • Traffic and Congestion - Is it downtown very crowded, or in back street neighborhoods?

        • Your transportation - Getting around in a Cadillac Escalade is quite different than a 2-wheel scooter or a Bike.

        An online spectator guide found here:

        If you have friends & family coming to see you for the Half Marathon, keep in mind that you can only get so far out and back in 2+/- hours with all of the traffic and congestion.

        The first year, a bunch of us got to the base of the foot bridge at the NTC entrance ~5mi by about 7:55am, saw us run through and then got back to downtown in time to see us finish (~2:00 half time)   Someone could literally do the same, but also include watching you start.  Though, would have to get out of the start area pretty quick and over to NTC (w/in 40-50min)  Here is a quick spot on the map -

        After The Race

        There is nothing better and more satisfying than finishing, crashing on the grass, celebrating with family and friends. And where applicable . . . hitting the beer garden!! After the race, get your nice finish area picture, pick up any free schwaag, recovery snacks, and drink. NOTE: We do NOT do anything formal after the race. Just find us and celebrate!

        Finish Area

        The finish line is under the Gaslamp Sign at 5th & K st  

        After Party

        After your race come celebrate with the club at  GARAGNA Kitchen and Bar at 9AM . We have gone here the las fort few years and it has been a blast.

        Leaving The Race

        Being downtown has some challenges, but it has always been pretty easy to get out of town due to the various streets and directions you can go.

        Final Thoughts

        That's it for now . . . And should be it for the rest of the race weekend.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL, AND CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR!!!  Please let us know if you have any questions!

        See ya out there!