10k Time Trial, What to Expect (Strava)


As previously announced, it’s time for our Week 4 10k Fun Run Time Trial. This is a good time to gauge where we are at and a good time to see how our training will be formed for the next 8-9/12-13 weeks.  

HOW IT WILL WORK - Race on the Strava App

We will be TIMING this race, and we will be using the Strava app. Your results will be posted on the Strave Black Flag Event Page within the group. Please follow the 3 steps listed below before the Time Trial: 

Step 1: Download and Sign up for Strave  (https://www.strava.com)

Step 2: Join the Black Flag Running Club  / click on Explore > Clubs > (Search: Black Flag Running Club)

Step 3: Join the Timed 10K(Must be a member to join) https://www.strava.com/clubs/431506/group_events/739250?new=true



The 10k fun run should be run “Comfortably Hard” . . and for noobies, this means you’ll be nearing your Lactate Threshold (LT) pace (and hopefully not over).  You’ll want to run at a good clip, but not super-fast or not a sprint.  If you try, I’ll likely fatigue before you finish then really hit the suck factor!  For many, it will be hard to find that fine line between pushing it nicely and running too fast – but that’s also the point – to learn where this LT pace is.


You should still set out to do the planned 10k run.  Stick with your recommended intervals, but don’t be afraid to push your “running” and “walking” portions a little bit harder than normal.   If you are feeling adventurous, push your intervals out some more, to do some more running and less walking – you WILL surprise yourself.  Just do not get hurt . . .see below.


Then plan on a 10k run on your own, and wear a watch or set your phone’s stopwatch to time yourself.  Don’t get hung up on the time or the exact distance.  Just plan on getting a bit more than 6 miles.  10k is equal to 6.2 miles.  Our Crown Point to MB Drive and Back run is 6.2mmiles = Sail Bay to MB Drive from Crown Point (Out & Back), 6.2mi - http://bit.ly/jw1pBK                Or, you can map one out yourself using www.mapmyrun.com


Don’t run this very hard if you are sick, injured or otherwise not relatively healthy and in a good state of body and mind.  Most of us should be okay – usual aches and pains don’t count here, as many of us are experiencing them by now.  Similarly, if you're sick or just getting off a sickness, then it may be wise to stay away.  Alternative?  Do a regular, EZ/Slow run of 5-7 miles, even with us as a group!!

 At the end of the day, this is a TRAINING RUN!  Don’t kill yourself, risk getting injured or otherwise. Our primary goal is still 8-9 weeks away, not tomorrow.