Need To Know: Week 12 (Ventura 17)

Tuesday @ 6:00p - De Anza Cove, Mission Bay

Saturday @ 7:30am - Silver Strand from Coronado



Good Monday Morning Runners and Happy Week 12!!  Man, it’s going by fast! We finished an AWESOME 11th week with a bunch of strong running!  We had our last “Hill” workout last Tuesday and on Saturday, we had DOZENS of runners set out on their longest run of their lives, covering up to 15-16 miles while the advanced group cranked out 18-20!  It was a perfect day to run too!  


Starting Early (Next Week)

With temperatures rising and the cloud cover not hanging around as long as we will be shifting out Saturday morning starts to 7:10 AM starting next week to try and beat the heat.  Starting in Week 13 we will be meeting at 7:10AM. I know its early but you will be thanking me as the runs get longer and it gets hotter outside.


We’ve got a good recovery week upon us. We’ll return to our Home Base “De Anza Cove” for a group run on Tuesday and then going down to Coronado on Saturday for the first time.


Congrats everyone for making it this far!!  You’ve deserved a bit of a rest . . .


Yes, for all of you!!!! And after 3 weeks straight of hill training, plus a few rough long runs . . . IT’S TIME FOR SOME RECOVERY!!  I will resend a modified version of the Recovery Email separately.   We will be back at a good CORE Session tomorrow night though, so come prepared for some extra fun.

LJ Half Race Info

For those of you running La Jolla Half this weekend an email was sent out last Friday with all the details you need to know. We will do a full race prep on Tuesday after the group run.

If you are not Running La Jolla come to the Official VAVi Cheer Zone

Please consider joining us cheer on our runners! For those not running, family and/or friends, we usually designate an area to meet up and cheer on the runners. It’s a great time to show some spirit and boost morale of everyone running! We will be at the Mile 12 hill starting around 8:30a (to see the leaders)  The majority of runners will be passing through beginning around 8:45-9:00a. We’ll meet at the corner of Spindrift Drive and St. Louis Terrace. Here's a link to help you find it:  Where to park: Park in La Jolla village, around Blue Bird Lane. Walk down to Spindrift (< 1mile) from there.

Running LJ Half & Related Training?

Many of us are running LJ Half, many are not.  Some are doing as part of the 12 week program and will be “getting off the bus” after the race – this means that the race is your Goal Race and this is the big final push and Taper.  If you are continuing on to the RnR race AND running LJ Half, you have a choice if you want to push hard or not. If you are NOT running the race, but continuing onto the RnR, thn you have a slightly different path:

  • LJHM Only (12wk Program) – You are in Taper mode. You will do NO more hardcore specialty runs such as Hills or mega V02max sprint workouts.  You will only run 8-9 miles this weekend and then taper down even further next week.
  • LJHM + RnR (18wk Program) – You have a choice. If you are going to run hard, follow a taper for the most part and then do the race.  Plan on a quick week reverse taper to get back into things.  If you are just going to do it for some practice, then you won’t have to taper as much and you’ll want to “get back on it” very quickly after the race.
  • No LJHM, RnR Only – You will still practice an active “Recovery Week” this week, but then be ready to push on next week.  Plan on doing a LONG run next weekend (4/26/14) which I’ll have more details out separately.

Remember, running very hard (hard training runs or racing) – is very stressful to the body so you HAVE to actively plan your schedules around the types of running you’re doing.)

This Week’s Training

As I mentioned above, we are in a recovery week. In regards to training, means that your overall weekly mileage will be less and we will not be doing any specialty runs or workouts. It is designed to give your body and mind a rest we have been pounding the pavement pretty hard recently.  Some notable items for each group:

  • Run/Walkers (ALL) – No change this week.  LONG run will be DOWN to 100/120.
  • Intermediate RnR HALF – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be DOWN to 9-10 mi.
  • Intermediate LJ Half – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be DOWN to 8-9 mi.
  • Intermediate FULL – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be DOWN to 11-12 mi.
  • Advanced Runners­­­­ – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be DOWN to 15-16 mi.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.


Tuesday @ 6:00p - De Anza Cove, Mission Bay

Starting at almost the end of the Mission Bay Boardwalk at De Anza Cove, run South on the busy and popular concrete pathway on an Out & Back Run.

o    Mission Bay Loop, 8.0mi –

Saturday @ 7:30am - Silver Strand from Coronado

Starting at Tidelands Park in Coronado, run the popular pathway clockwise till you get to the Hotel Del then verge off the usual path to head out South down the Silver Strand.  Hit your half way point? Turnaround and come home. (Mapped up to 11mi one way, 22mi round trip)



As Always

Please let us know if you have questions.

See ya out there!


Coach Aaron

Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)


De Anza Cove/Mission Bay

2750 De Anza Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

Go all the way to end of N. Mission Bay Drive (towards the golf course / mobile home park), turn left onto De Anza Road (towards cul-de-sac) turn left into parking lot.  We'll be in SE corner, near pavilion across from bathrooms, but along the parking lot.


Coronado, Tidelands Park

2099 Mullinex Dr, Coronado, CA 92118

Coming from San Diego over Coronado Bridge, stay in far right lane, exit Glorietta Blvd, right onto Mullinex into park, all the way to end.  We're in the far East end of the park, along the water's edge, towards the bridge.  There are restrooms and water fountains.  

*This is a great run, but a busy area and limited parking.  Tidelands park can be a madhouse on Saturday Mornings as there are ball fields out there and the Saturday Morning Soccer moms can be out in force.  If you’re not “early”, plan to park out on Mullinex Rd, or possibly even further – meaning you could be faced with a good hike, meaning you have to get there earlier than normal.

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