Need To Know: Week 11 (Ventura 17)



Tuesday @ 6:00p - Florida Canyon Loops @ Morley Field

Saturday @ 7:30a - Shelter Island to Hilton Bayfront Hotel




A BIG PHAT CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who came out and tackled the Torrey Pines Hills on Saturday.  It was a great turnout, and an “exhilarating” run too.  Many of you ran your furthest ever, and add the hills on top of it . . .!!  


Things are getting rewarding!!  For NOOBIES . . . Your training is paying off and if you don’t think so . . . recall back about 10-11 weeks and ask yourself if you would have been able to tackle that hill like that?   Congrats again!  You covered about 5-6 miles of the actual La Jolla Marathon Course, and with the previous week’s run covering about 2 miles, we’ve covered more than half of it already.   Hills Rock . . . and we’re in the thick of it now!

Are we done with Hills Yet!?!

During the first few weeks of training, everyone was super-duper excited to be training – with many asking me when we’re going to do “real workouts” like hills and sprints and strength and all of that other stuff that too many runners think way too highly of.  Frankly, those are some of the least important tools in your long distance training big picture bag. Almost half of us are no longer training.


But, if you’re still with us, you’ve learned what the tools are – long, slow, easy runs with a lot of time on your feet, mentally tackling each workout with ease!!! But, now I’m sensing that the question is “are we done with hills yet”?   Well, only a week left, and then the downhill taper into LJ Half Marathon, then shifting gears a bit.  So, let’s kick the crap out of the run tomorrow, add in one more hill option this Saturday (again, optional but YES, you should do it and kick it’s ass too!) and then blast into the last phase of training!!

La Jolla Half Only Runners, this is your LONGest run

If you are training for only the La Jolla Half Marathon, then this is your final LONG run before an easy taper week, next week.  You should plan on a solid 11-12 mile run at a Minimum.  If you are seasoned and this isn’t your first half, then you should plan on a 13-14mi run.  (Advanced programs will have peak long runs at 14-15mi)  Keep everything else the same as far as workouts, intensity, etc.  

This Week’s Training

We are in Week 11, so plan your runs based on the training schedules. This is the final (3rd) week of Phase 3 and we’re still UP this week in both intensity and overall weekly mileage.  For those in the La Jolla only program, you’re in your last big push before the final long run which will be NEXT weekend, the taper and race. For everyone, make this last week count – tackling this week will give you the boost to be ready for either the Race (LJ Half Marathoners) or the Final Phase 4 for those continuing on to Rock n Roll. Some notable items for each group:

  • Run/Walkers (ALL) – No change this week.  LONG run will be up to 120/150.
  • Intermediate HALF – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to 11-12 mi.
  • La Jolla Halfers - This is your PEAK, plan to get a minimum of 11-12 if you’ve been off schedule,  13 on schedule, and 13-15 for experienced.
  • Intermediate FULL – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to 16 mi.
  • Advanced Runners­­­­ – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to an Easy 20miles.

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.


Tuesday @ 6:00p - Florida Canyon Loops @ Morley Field

Starting at the Morley Field Sports Complex, various loops with options through Balboa Park, Zoo Place and up Pershing Dr.


o Morley Field Short Loop, 3.4mi -

o Morley Field Loop, 3.7mi -

o Bonus Loops: Florida Canyon + Balboa, 5.6mi -


Saturday @ 7:30a - Shelter Island to Hilton Bayfront Hotel

Enjoy the water's edge and Marina District along Shelter Island all the way to downtown, through Seaport Village and towards the Hilton Bayfront Hotel to your turnaround point.  Add on Ash Street + 6th ave for a hill, or add-on Harbor Island for flat mileage.


o Add-on: Fast Harbor Island, 3.25mi -

o Add-on: Hilly Ash & 6th St Hill, 3.5mi -


As Always

Please let us know if you have questions.

See ya out there!


Coach Aaron

Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)


Morley Field Sports Complex, Florida Canyons

3300 Texas St, San Diego, CA 92104

We'll at the East end of the parking lot at the end of Texas Street.  Technically at the corner of Jacaranda Pl and Texas, but it's all one big parking lot.  We'll be on the North East side in the grassy area along the edge of the parking lot. Parking Lot View:   

There are restrooms, but about ¼ mile away at the Tennis area North of the lot we meet in.


Shelter Island, Shoreline Park / Fishing Pier

1720 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Will meet in the SW end of the fishing pier parking lot, which is about 1/2 way down the Island (heading South).  Please refrain from parking along the West side of the parking lot near the Pier & Store.

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