Need To Know: Week 10 (Ventura 17)


 Tuesday @ 6:00p - Florida Canyon Loops @ Morley Field

Saturday @ 7:30a - Torrey Pines “Pleasure Seeker” @ Rehab United (CV)




We are over 1/2 way through and moving into Week 10 - congratulations some more to all of you!  We had a great week as we introduced our first HILL WORKOUT last week.  It was awesome BTW!!!  And Saturday’s LONG run was set in near perfect running conditions (again!) as we ran the coast of La Jolla down into PB which was also a bit “rolling” including the 2nd hill of the LJ Half Marathon.


We have another exciting week with more hill workouts, and a very rewarding long run - in both accomplishment, and by finishing up the run true California style by enjoying breakfast burritos at the taco shop that shares the parking lot. More to come . . .

Interval Group Increases this week

The interval group is increasing in Two ways this week. Your Monday and Thursday runs are UP to 60/70 and 70/80 min respectively and your Interval time is up to 1/4 and 1/9.  Refer to below and your schedule for details.

Hill Running

Since we’re in it full swing, I’ve got a great article/reference email being tidied up and sent to you in just a bit. It discusses everything “hills”. We have another good week of Hill Training, including our “Torrey Pines Pleasure Seeker” this weekend. Bring on La Jolla!

This Week’s Training

We are in Week 10, so plan your runs based on the training schedules. This is the 2nd week of Phase 3 and we’re back UP this week in both intensity and overall weekly mileage.  For those in the La Jolla only program, you’re in your last big push before the final long run which will be NEXT weekend, the taper and race. Make these last 2 weeks really count! Some notable items for each group:


  • Run/Walkers – Your Intervals are Bumping UP this week to a 1/4 and 1/9 intervals.  NICE!!!! Mon & Thursday Runs are UP 10 min each to 60/70 and 70/80 respectively. LONG run will be up to 110/130.
  • Intermediate HALF – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to 10-11 mi.
  • Intermediate FULL – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to 14-15 mi.
  • Advanced Runners­­­­ – No changes to mid-week runs. Long run will be UP to E18mi

Upcoming Group Runs & Clinics

Below are the run maps* and the group run locations.  At the very bottom of this email are detailed instructions on the meeting locations.


Tuesday @ 6:00p - Florida Canyon Loops @ Morley Field

Starting at the Morley Field Sports Complex, various loops with options through Balboa Park, Zoo Place and up Pershing Dr.


o    Morley Field Short Loop, 3.4mi -

o    Morley Field Loop, 3.7mi -

o    Bonus Loops: Florida Canyon + Balboa, 5.6mi -


Clinics & Social, Tuesday

  • 7:00p - Meat Grinders: Hill Repeats

Saturday @ 7:30a - Torrey Pines “Pleasure Seeker” @ Rehab United (CV)

Starting at Rehab United in Carmel Valley, head out to the coast and then south towards the BIG hill . . . Torrey Pines! Which is the big one for the La Jolla half marathon.  Once up, continue south until your prescribed turnaround point.

o    Option: 18+mi Hillier Option – (TP Hill to TP + CV Hill to DM) This is a double out and back so mileage is variable depending where you turn around at either end.


Clinics& Social, Saturday

  • 7:40am - Clinic: Sports Injuries & Sports Performance (Quick, 10min review b4 run)
  • 10:00a - Social: Eat big breakfast burritos in the parking lot when you get back.

As Always Please let us know if you have questions.

See ya out there!


Coach Aaron

Detailed Meeting Locations

This is where we will meet on Tuesday and/or Saturday. Don’t get lost :)


Morley Field Sports Complex, Florida Canyons

3300 Texas St, San Diego, CA 92104

We'll at the East end of the parking lot at the end of Texas Street.  Technically at the corner of Jacaranda Pl and Texas, but it's all one big parking lot.  We'll be on the North East side in the grassy area along the edge of the parking lot. Parking Lot View:   

There are restrooms, but about ¼ mile away at the Tennis area North of the lot we meet in.


Rehab United, Carmel Valley

3323 Carmel Mountain Rd. Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92121

Park in the lower 1.5 of 4 lots (those will fill up fast).  Do NOT park in the upper lot as those belong to the building above.  Also do NOT park in the lower level lots as those belong to the restaurants below.  Do NOT park in the building across the street’s parking lot (out front/side is okay)  What’s left? Park out on the streets and along Carmel Mountain Road and Sorrento Valley Road. There’s plenty of it, just may have to walk a few hundred yards.

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